Saturday February 26th, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the chase.

Feeling a little better today. I did some writing, rested, read, watched Taken, rested some more, and watched Fantastic Mr. Fox. When you're able to properly relax, being sick can be all right.

Also: I'm one week away from 1,000 days in a row and I have no idea how I'm going to mark the occasion. Suggestions are welcome. As long as you don't suggest me writing a thousand four line poems. You can just keep that to yourself, thanks very much.


We're getting close,
I can almost smell him;
My twin brother,
My fetid phantom limb.


Zhongming said...

Marc - I completely agree with you about being able to properly relax while the body is doing it's best to recover.

I think that well-balance thinking and views on the aspects of illness has great impact on the road of recovery.

You have my best wishes to a speedy recovery :D


The Chase

As fast as you can,
Make it right to the end.
Try and never give up,
Even if you're breathless.

Greg said...

I'll be over to leave a comment on your writing shortly! Sounds like you've been recovering well this weekend at least, and that's the best way to get over these travel illnesses. I blame the planes -- breathing recycled air for that long just spreads germs.
How did you know I was going to suggest a thousand four-line poems? Now I feel cheated :(
I'll have a think about it though.
Your twin brother sounds... distubring. I'm so glad I never met him while in Vancouver!

The chase
Nose pressed to the ground,
Scenting the escapee's trail,
The Coyote's hunting tonight,
And I've never known him fail.

Marc said...

Zhongming - thank you :)

I'm not sure if you were talking about a race or just life in general, but I like it either way.

Greg - I blame the planes as well. Also, leaving cold for heat for two weeks and then returning to more cold.

I like the rhythm of your poem, though I think you're missing a 'to' in the last line.

Greg said...

Hmm, I think "fail" is British English, as "to fail" doesn't sound quite right to me (taken apart from the poem). Luckily the rhythm of the poem isn't affected by the to (who would have thought that there could be words that effectively have zero syllables in English?) so I don't have to beg you to update the post for me :)
So, let's have two poems, one for me and one for you!

summerfield said...

you guys crack me up every time. i have no posting for today. still working on two stories which i plan to submit to a contest back in the old country (still wanting to impress the ex-countrymen), and i might run them by you for critiquing. might, as in if i will have time. can i?

Marc said...

Greg - hmmph.

Summerfield - absolutely :)