Tuesday February 22nd, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: doctors.

As promised yesterday, here are my favorite pictures from the entire trip that don't have Kat or myself in them. Behold, the national bird of Jamaica:

That there would be a doctor bird. Here's a closer look at this striking hummingbird:

And one last one for good measure:

Considering how much I love birds, and hummingbirds in particular, watching these guys come and go while we ate lunch high up in the Blue Mountains was absolutely amazing. I'll never forget it.


Wearing a white coat,
he endorses the best meds.
I change the channel.

*     *     *

He sounds so sincere
when he tells me it won't hurt.
He's a damned liar.


Greg said...

That first picture does a really good job of showing just how small they are! They're fantastic, and beautiful as well :)
Although... a farmer who loves birds? Isn't that a bit like a chicken-keeper who loves foxes?
I like your first haiku best because I wasn't expecting the punchline. The second one's pretty good too though!

The children are out
Playing doctors and nurses.
Where's my good knife gone?


The sign on his wall,
Says "Physician, heal thyself!"
He's got mumps today.

summerfield said...

welcome back, marc. the photos are outstanding. i love them. i've been doing some of the prompts, but they're all stuck in my draft folder in my blog. i should be able to post them one of these days. i have a story that i'm polishing so i'm rather pre-occupied.

your haikus are both funny, but the first one really rings true, as i always find these doctors (i've always wondered if they're real doctors) on TV infomercials most mornings.

@greg, i like both of yours, too, and thanks for your feedbacks on previous prompts.


"is the doctor in?"
"away, on assylum round."
"why, the doc's in-sane?"


take one black bird's egg
drink with goat's urine at night.
quack doctor, who else?

Marc said...

Greg - I like them as long as they leave my veggies alone :P

Love the final line in your first haiku :)

Summerfield - thank you, and I'm glad to hear you're still writing - I look forward to seeing them when you do post them.

Your second haiku definitely got a smile out of me tonight :)

summerfield said...

marc, don't you be trying that quack doctor's prescription for your jamaican flu. please, don't!