Sunday February 27th, 2011

The exercise:

Today we're doing a slight variation on the random CD prompt that (I think) I've only done once before. Pick a song at random, or just one that comes to mind, and use the song title as your prompt.

Definitely feeling better, but the cough is still hanging on to my lungs with both hands. So far it has failed in dragging them out of my body through my mouth, but I'm remaining vigilant.

Watched House of Flying Daggers this evening. Beautiful movie. A bit difficult to suspend my disbelief at times, but utterly enjoyable.

Picking up Kat from the Penticton airport tomorrow afternoon. The time apart has been good, but I'm quite ready to see her again.


Locked In The Trunk Of A Car - The Tragically Hip

It smells like doughnuts in here. Why would you put doughnuts in the trunk of your car? Shouldn't they always travel up front, within easy reach? Unless I've been kidnapped by the sort of people that always leave a box in the trunk, for emergency purposes.

Oh God, did I let fat people take me? How incredibly embarrassing.

Okay, maybe I should be focusing on coming up with an escape plan. What I'm going to do when they open...

Seriously, though. Do fat people even do this line of work? In the movies kidnappers are always fit and in shape. Skinny, if anything. Never, ever fat though.

Not that I'm exactly a top flight athlete myself, but at least I'm within spitting distance of fit. I'd never let myself get to the point that called for an emergency doughnut supply. In the bloody trunk, of all places!

Right. Focus. This could be serious.

What if they're planning on eating me?

No, they've got doughnuts. I'm safe.

Until the doughnuts run out, at any rate. I mean, if it only smells like them back here, that means they took them out. Probably working their way through them right now. While I bounce along, hitting my head at every pothole.

I really need to pull it together here. Come on, I can do this.

I could totally go for a doughnut though.


Greg said...

House of Flying Daggers is a beautiful movie, and the disbelief suspension comes from watching enough Chinese martial arts films I think :) It helps to think of them as Fairy Tales I think.
Fantastic little tale, were you hungry by the end of it? All those references to doughnuts (do Canadians use the British spelling then? I kind of assumed all of North America called them donuts).

Near Life by Embrace
Isis sighed as she placed the last of her husband's limbs in the box. She'd found almost all the parts that Set had distributed around the world, throwing them carelessly away like a toddler in a rage with his toybox. However, it seemed that a crocodile had eaten a part of Osiris and there was no getting it back. Whatever she did now, he would always be unmanned.
The box shook and rattled; Osiris's spirit still inhabited his body, near life but trapped in death.
She sighed again, and bent over the box, tears running from her eyes as she began to chant, an incantation to make Osiris nearly whole.

Marc said...

I generally spell it donut, but the spell checker on this thing tells me that's wrong. And I have an aversion to red underlines, it seems :P

I remember the first time I saw it spelled doughnut - I was quite confused :)

Damn crocodile :(