Saturday February 19th, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: green.

The first seeds of the season went into the soil today. In the greenhouse, but still - it might as well be spring already. Now somebody tell that to the howling, freezing cold wind out there.

Right, I promised boat trip pictures. Our guide picked us up on the beach behind our guesthouse, arriving right on time in his motorboat. Here's a shot of a particularly undeveloped stretch of coast we cruised by:

Shortly after that we came across a group of feeding pelicans. We hung out with them for a while and our guide borrowed my camera to take a few pictures. I think he might have done that once or twice before:

Here's us in the boat:

When we finally got to Black River it didn't take us long to spot a crocodile:

But this guy, hanging out on the beach, was definitely the highlight:

I'm going to have to share a link to the full collection of pictures once I get them all uploaded - I feel like I'm skipping so many in order to not swamp the blog with them.


Black seeds buried in brown soil,
We're all feeling so keen;
Now we'll add some clear water
And pray it comes up green.


Greg said...

The crocodiles are fantastic! I look forward to seeing the full collection; you're right, too many pictures on here would overshadow the writing practice element of it I think.
Your pictures definitely deserve a wider audience though.
I'm glad to hear that the seed are going in, and your poem is a neat reflection on that work too :)

He's not so bright but he tries,
He thinks Sylvestra's always mean,
He wants to be a real villain,
The lightbulb who is Green.

David said...

Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.


Yellow and red make orange.
Red and blue make purple.
Try again.

Marc said...

Greg - I was tempted to write a poem about Green as well, but I'm glad I left it up to you :)

David - have to admit, that last line made me laugh.