Tuesday February 1st, 2011

The exercise:

Welcome to February! Let us write two haiku about: beaches.

Note: I'm away on my honeymoon so this is a scheduled post.


Sand between my toes,
Salty air in my nostrils...
Sounds like paradise.

*     *     *

Waves always crashing,
Birds singing at my window -
How am I to sleep?


summerfield said...

wow! methinks everyone went to the beach, too! that or hiding from this impending "monster" snowstorm. in any case here are my 2 haiku.

i'll raise a glass of pinot noir to this storm. here! here!


walk along the shore
fine white sands stretch beyond
blue waters beckon


oiled bodies abound
burn under the blazing sun
palm leaves swaying

anybody here? hello?! :-)

David said...

Right here Summerfield - nice haikus, I want to go to your beaches - now.

Here are mine:

Warm skin pressed to sand
Soft waves caressing the two
Intertwined as one

Running along surf
Heat rumbling in their bellies
Tumbling together

summerfield said...

whew! dumbricht, i thought you'd all gone with marc. thanks for the compliments, your haikus are nice as well.

i am originally from the tropics and i do miss the beaches especially on days like this.

marc, i'm trying to catch up on the prompts; am not slacking though, am writing something and it's in the way of my real writing. you and kat have a good holiday/honeymoon and i'll leave an e-mail for when you're back.

morganna said...

I want to be at
The beach! It's nineteen below
And getting colder!

Boiling water froze
On contact with outside air.
Where's the nearest beach?

Nineteen below is in Fahrenheit. I believe that's -28 Celsius. At least it's not snowing.

Zhongming said...

Great work everyone! :)

Here's mine:


Sun empowerment.
Waves and waves of sufferings.
Compassion boundless.


Angry waves howlers.
Cooling feet on the soft sand.
I rest in the tent.

Greg said...

@summerfield: I like both your haikus; they're very different kinds of beaches. The first one seems more appealing to me, but I burn at the first sign of sun!

@David: Those are very sensual haikus! They read as a part of a greater whole as well, which is a nice touch. On the whole, I think I prefer the first.

@morganna: wow, it sounds cold where you are! I love the imagery in the second haiku, but the first one is my favourite for its heartfelt sentiment.

@Zhongming: very abstract; I think I understand your first haiku, but I'm not completely sure. I like both equally this time.

@Marc: hah, I hate sand between my toes! It only dries when you get inside, and then it's a nuisance! I like your second haiku best, even though I find waves crashing to be really soothing.

An abandoned beach,
A nuclear shore, where men
Once split the atom.


After all these floods,
There's so much sand in the house,
The kitchen's a beach!

Marc said...

Summerfield - thanks for being brave enough to go first :D

Two great image-based haiku. I think I liked the second one best.

David - mmm, sexy beach haiku. I approve.

Morganna - I can totally sympathize with both your haiku, as I was feeling that way in November here :)

Zhongming - like them both, nicely done!

Greg - I could fall asleep to waves crashing on the beach every night. Too far from waves here at home, but I had the chance on several nights while we were away :)

A beach kitchen! Sounds fantastic to me.