Friday March 11th, 2011

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: disaster.

Sending positive vibes to those dealing with the effects of the earthquake and tsunami.


"I wouldn't say the dinner was a total disaster..."

"Oh really? What, exactly, would need to have happened in order to qualify for that label?"

"Well, for example, let's say the dog had been an ingredient in the cake, instead of just eating it..."


Greg said...

There does seem to have a lot of earthquake over on the eastern hemisphere lately; I hope for their sake that this is the last of it.
I like the flower picture, it's very beautiful.
And I'm going to continue your four lines today, as I feel they really want me to :)

"Well, now you come to mention it...."
"What? You don't really think that there was dog in the cake as well?"
"It's just that I found this little blue collar with a bell on it in mine."

summerfield said...

what the...?!? i'm not even going to go there, you two.

a friend just told me that his sister (who is married to a japanese) has lost her 15-year old son in the wake of the tsunami that came after the big earthquake. i have to expand on my post, eventually, as they both happened last night, a juxtaposition of two mothers' grief.


Chelsea sits on the bed beside her sleeping daughter, listening for the sound of disaster that she was told will be coming anytime now. In the eerie silence of the suddenly cold evening, she waits to hear that sound and she is determined to protect her child at any cost, even if she has to fight the will of God to keep her alive.

Two thousand miles away, the sound of disaster still rings in Kasuko's ears, the eerie humming sound that accompanied the earthquake which shattered everything in her home, including the crystal frame of her son's photograph she now holds in her hand. They have found his ravaged body, swept by the mighty waters and pinned down between large debris still holding the body of a little child he had attempted to save.

Marc said...

Greg - well, if they really wanted you to, who are you or I to argue?

Nicely continued :)

Summer - I'm sorry for their loss. It really brings the point home that this is a terrible tragedy when you have some personal connection to it.

I hope you do expand on that - four lines just isn't enough. But you really did well within the constraints.