Tuesday March 22nd, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: money.

Ran some errands in the morning, did some pruning in the afternoon, and chilled out in the evening. Not a bad day at all.


My wallet is poor,
not a penny to its name.
Stupid impulses.

*     *     *

My soul-stained paycheck
pulls my spirits to the ground -
nothing's ever free.


Greg said...

Have you got the hang of pruning the plum trees then? Your days do sound more pleasant than mine; I spend too much time in the office, and the UK appears to be having summer early this year (temperatures of 18C expected today!). I can only hope that we'll be back to Winter by August :)

I like your second haiku best; 'soul-stained' is superb.

I thought she loved me,
But she loved my money more.
My pre-nuptial wins!


One hundred coins gleam,
A collector's pride and joy.
I can't afford bread.

morganna said...

I'm not too happy with mine, but I'm going with them. I like yours much better, Greg!

Nothing in life is
Free -- it arrives with a fee,
Often in money.

Dollars, euros, yen or
Yuan -- everybody needs,
Only some possess.

Aaron said...

Lovely to read your writing. I love poetic language like soul stained.

Money Haikus

Suffering is need
For what you cannot possess
Self inflicted pain

Grateful spender smile
The world has been priced to sell
Buy it with your life

Marc said...

Greg - I think I've got the basic idea, but it's going to take a bit more time to get comfortable with it.

The final line of your first haiku made me smile :)

Morganna - I like your first one for all the rhyming you squeezed in there :)

Aaron - 'self inflicted pain' indeed. Very nicely done - and I'm glad you liked mine :)