Tuesday March 15th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: silence.

My second one is holding on to the prompt by a rather tenuous thread, it seems to me. But it's what came to mind, so I stand by it.

Had a new story idea pop into my head today while I was reading. I think I'll just jot down the basic idea so that I don't get distracted, yet again, from other writing work I want to get done.


Sometimes it's golden
but it seems when you're around
I only see red.

*     *     *

Is it loneliness
or solitude? It depends
on what I'm drinking.


Greg said...

Well, although I wouldn't guess silence as the inspiration for the second, I think it's clear how the it derives from the inspiration, so it's not that tenuous a thread!
New story ideas are always good! I look forward to hearing all about it (after you add a chapter to How the Best was Won, naturally).
As it goes, I like your second haiku best today, but it's a very close competition with your first.

When you left, it came.
Unnoticed at first, but now
It's all through the house.


Your gossiping voice
Drives me to the garden shed
Where peace and calm reign.

David said...

Boy does life get in the way. But here we go:

Shut up she warned me
Don’t make me come over there
Mouth shut tight, I wept

Sunlight pierced the trees
Soft dirt path leading my way
Smiling, I escape

Aaron said...

I love this blog! Great haiku's everybody. I actually like every 2nd poem of each of you best. So I put my favorite first.

This frozen minute
Of forever. Sand oozes
Without my regard.

Blanketing the sea
Was a peace we could not break
It covered us all

Annie Cristina said...

Your eyes hold secrets
That whisper in the spaces
Between breath and hope.

Solitary bird
Perched upon a linden tree
Sings what I cannot.

Watermark said...

Been caught up with events & happenings but want to start writing here again :) Had a brilliant story beginning pop into my head this morning before the muse slipped away :(

Here's mine:


Silence is noisy
When there’s no one around me
I speak to myself.


Thoughts fill up my head
Distracting me from silence –
A prelude to sleep.

summerfield said...

not a word nor sound:
my most powerful weapon
i'm gonna break you.


sit by the fountain
and hear the sound of quiet:
the trickling water.

it's like all the planets are aligned today, all the haiku's are (almost) in the same thread.
great job, everyone. proud to be in your company (albeit i'm here only sometimes).

Marc said...

Greg - really, really like your first haiku. Nicely done.

And I'm totally thinking about working on How The Best...

David - good to hear from you!

Love the imagery in your second one.

Aaron - I love it too, thanks to you guys :)

I really like both of yours, but I have to favoring the first one by a smidgen.

Annie - great to see you around here again!

Two lovely haiku, the first one in particular. Very nice.

Watermark - that's good, because I want you to write here again too :D

Two great, very relatable haiku. The first one is my favorite, as it made me smile.

Summer - love the intensity of your first haiku. And agreed, there seems to be a connection between most of the haiku - very cool!