Tuesday March 29th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: the mailman.

Our wedding video arrived in the mail today. Kat and I watched it after dinner and... yeah, pretty amazing. We were fortunate to have such a wonderful day with friends and family.


It's raining again
and all the dogs are hungry.
Time to earn my pay.

*     *     *

I read the letters
before I deliver them.
Just call me Blackmail.


Greg said...

The wedding video sounds like the kind of thing that'll brighten a day up :)
Second haiku for the win today, I think!

the Mailman
Our mail carrier
Is politic'ly correct,
She's a femailman.


Letters and parcels,
Postcards, flyers and mailbombs,
I deliver them.

morganna said...

How lucky to have a wedding video! Ours is a spoof -- we couldn't afford a real one at our (very) small wedding, and my husband's family who couldn't be there (due to distance & illness) made their own spoof of our wedding as a present (with us as bride & groom -- they expanded photos of us & cut out the heads & glued them on styrofoam). It's actually very cool.
Rain or snow, sleet or
Sun, I deliver: joyful
Cards, bills, catalogs.

Watermark said...

Marc - hehe I like your second haiku :)

Greg - both gave me a good chuckle! I think I like the femailman one more :)

Morganna - nice flow to your haiku :)

Here's mine:

The Mailman

A knock on the door,
Holding a weighty parcel -
With a beaming smile.


I cycle up hills,
Weather is no bar to me -
I am the mailman.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, the second is my favorite as well. Though I was disappointed I couldn't simply have 'Call me Blackmail' as the final line. Stupid syllable count.

I think 'femailman' wins the day for your first haiku :)

Morganna - That. Is. Awesome. What an awesome present!

We actually got one of Kat's cousins to do the video and he did an amazing job - apparently he'd done a couple of weddings before ours, so he definitely knew what he was doing.

It seems to me our mailman delivers more bills and flyers than joyful cards. I think we should get a new one :P

Watermark - thanks! I love the determination conveyed by your second one.