Friday March 18th, 2011

The exercise:

Four lines of prose that take place at: the movie theater.

Dinner was excellent. Good food, good times, good wine. Maybe a little too much of that last one.


"How was the movie?"

"Super predictable, as always."

"Why do you even bother going?"

"I can always find someone that doesn't know I'm psychic to bet on the ending with - easy money."


Greg said...

Let's hope this one posts this time!
Heh, I like your psychic movie-goer, they'd be perfect for me to go to the cinema with :)
Dinner with your friends sounds like it was good too :)

At the Movie Theatre
"That was a strange film, and a bit shorter than I was expecting, too."
"What film?"
"Just now, in the movie theatre."
"Darling, we've been in the laundrette for the last hour...."

Watermark said...

The little boy sitting in the front row could not contain himself much longer. His tiny fists started shaking in the air as he leapt out of his seat and let out the loudest cheer ever heard in a movie theatre. And at almost the same moment, the audience started clapping and cheering on, faces glued to the screen, watching as the leading character made it through to the finish line. Jim was right; this was much better than being at the races.

Heather said...

Marc- So glad I haven't met your character, even though I am not a betting person.

Greg- This was extra funny today. My daughter had asked to watch the clothes spin in the washer instead of watching TV just yesterday.

Watermark- I would have loved to watch this child.

I could feel the heat falling from my scalp to my cheeks. I was grateful for the cover of dark and the expectation of silence. "I'm not sure what's happening," I lied to my fiance's grandmother as the actor and actress posed, in the nude, for their roles as porn stars. Love Actually, I thought. What says I love you more than watching soft porn with your fiance's parents and grandmother?

Marc said...

Greg - I reckon that if you've got a good mix of colors in there, it would be more entertaining than a good 90% of films.

Watermark - I'm with Heather, I'd love to have been in that movie theater :)

Heather - mmm, deliciously awkward. I was almost squirming as I read that.