Tuesday March 1st, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: beauty.

Welcome to March! Let's all ignore the fact that it's snowing outside at the moment, shall we?


An abandoned lot,
filled with angry, cracked concrete;
a lone tulip stands.

*     *     *

Too fat, too blemished,
too old to be beautiful -
so the TV says.


Greg said...

I think March snows are beautiful! That said, Winter seems to have disappeared from London; it's a bit cold for Spring, but otherwise the weather's moved on.
I really like the poetry of your first haiku, and your second amuses me muchly :)

A dustland beauty,
Trailer-bound white-trash princess,
Looking for her prince.

I looked into the
Eye of the beholder once.
It turned me to stone.

morganna said...

Pretty girl by stove
Ugly sisters out at night
Guess who gets the prince?

Melting snow and ice
Blue sky, brilliant sun
Spring is on the way!

summerfield said...

greg, you never fail to crack me up, this time with your second poem :-)

morgana, i like the hopeful message in yours.

marc, never mind the snow, it's the bone-chilling cold i can no longer stand. i got yellow tulips in a vase in front of me and it just made the scene in your first one so vivid.


you see the surface
not the intrinsic value
at times we're shallow


i see beauty in
the aftermath of snowstorm
to you its nuisance

Marc said...

Greg - love the imagery in your first haiku, and I like that you made use of 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' in your second one, as I had tried (but failed, obviously) to incorporate it into one of mine.

Morganna - love that first haiku :)

Summerfield - I like them both, but the second one struck home a bit more after the March snowfall :)