Saturday March 19th, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: mirrors.

This morning was grey and dreary, but then the sun arrived in the afternoon and it was beautiful. 

Kat's dad and I spent part of the day building a cold frame next to the greenhouse so that we'll have more room for our early starters. I think it's safe to say we enjoyed working in sunshine a whole lot more than under the gloomy gaze of grey clouds.

Also: it was very hard for me not to say something after the prompt like, 'I must be in a reflective mood today'.
So hard, apparently, that I had to say it anyway. I apologize.


Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who in the land is fairest of all?
Now, be sure to answer true,
Or I'll take this hammer and smash you.


Watermark said...

Marc: I'm almost certain that must've been the original version of the Queen's scene in the first draft of Snow White :p

Here's mine:


They show me a face that I don’t recognise,
And in genuine grace, I try not to despise,
Though my face is a blur, I resist a refrain
And throw back a smile of proper disdain.

Greg said...

I've never used a cold-frame, but I've seen them a few times, usually as a kid when my parents had decided that a stately home was a 'fun' place to visit. It sounds like just the ticket for you though. I confess, on my first read-through I thought that you and Kat had done the construction and was a little surprised as I thought she left that kind of thing to you :)

@Watermark: lovely rhyme-scheme and perfect scansion!

@Marc: Lovely sentiment! I think you last line is missing a syllable though, I keep having to slow down and draw the words out when I read it.

Echo knew
That sometimes mirrors can trap the sanity,
But her words were stolen from her,
And so Narcissus died in vanity.

Aaron said...

Greg very nice.
Marc lol
watermark super cool rhymes and feel.
I look in them and the truth I see it.
A reflection on a retina is a perception reflecting your
Inner discretion at answering the age old question
I look in them and the truth I see it?

Elea-nora said...

Little evening composition inspired by all your creative reflections~

All that I might seem, you share
my body, motions and mien.
But my thought, touch, my smell and dream,
You will never quite redeem.

Marc said...

Watermark - that has a wonderful rhythm to it. Nicely done :)

Greg - she certainly does. I don't mind in the least though, and I'm very happy to leave most of the painting work to her :D

Love your poem!

Aaron - really like the repetition of 'the truth I see it'.

Elea-nora - thanks for stopping by and sharing your writing with us! I hope to see more from you :)

Wonderful poem, I particularly liked the use of 'mien'.