Friday June 1st, 2012

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: customs.

Back to the market tomorrow morning. In other words, I should already be in bed.


"These people have some danged strange customs," Hank told his wife as they prepared for bed in their cramped hotel room. "They spit at you when you try to ask a question, they yell at you just for walking down the sidewalk, and I swear that big fella was reaching for a knife when I ordered a beer in the bar downstairs!"

"That's one explanation, I suppose," Betty said, climbing into bed with a quiet groan. "But have you considered that maybe they just don't like you very much?"


Greg said...

Have fun at the market tomorrow! The heat-wave here seems to have broken at last and the temperature is much more reasonable, and we have a little rain again. I'm much happier :)
Heh, I like the sound of those customs, though I think Betty might be on to something there.

The Customs post was busy with the people coming off the flight from New New York, and Jim, People's Custom Official number 1761, was astonished that even in the twenty-fifth Century people didn't seem to care about the Customs rules.
"George, was that a llama I just saw go past?" he said, his voice squeaking in the high-helium atmosphere.
"Yep," said George. "It'll get zapped by the livestock lasers when they try stepping out of the Trans-port, but I told him five times and he won't listen. Jim sighed, and was about to reply when he saw a young girl going past with an anaconda wrapped around her neck and had to run after her to tell her that the livestock lasers were a little inaccurate and would probably blow her head off as well if she kept wearing it there.

වැලිමැඩියා said...

I am not a writer just a reader...came across your i like to read and write too...this is just to say hello and to say that i will visit and read you... and try to write..wish u best of Luck.

Iron Bess said...

@Marc - oh my I think it just might be Hank. I loved this piece Marc. Good luck with the market.
@Greg - the squeaking in a high helium atmosphere was a great touch.

“Mam,” Jonclar called after the heavy, forty-ish woman walking past him on the sidewalk. “You’ll have to leave you clothing in lockup in the depot, it is custom here.”

She turned and arched one eyebrow before replying. “And if custom were to dictate that you jump off a cliff would you also insist on that?” she asked.

“Only on Thursday’s mam.”

Morrigan Aoife said...

"Tiff, What's your first class?" Stacey asked as she and Tiffany left the university registrars office.

Tiffany stopped and starred at the first of many papers she had clentched in her fist. Repeated blowing bubbles and snapping her gum she perused the class list. "Psy.... Oh, My, God! Stac, look over there, that guy has two metal spikes pertruding from his under his lip and a bull ring in his nose.

Like, No, Way! Seriously? Stacey turned to gawk at the guy standing in the line to her right but in doing so spied another unique character. "Tiff, Tiff, she said while smacking Tiffany on the forearm. "Check out this chick! Who dressed her this morning she looks like shes dead with that black dress and pale skin. Bogus. Like, You won't find anything that. heinous in the valley.

Don't be such a drama queen Stac, were not in Cali anymore.


The inspiration for yesterdays piece was my sister she said just crossing over wasnt enough making the characters come from different genres would make it even more fun. So thats what I did.

btw hello from raindow river state park.Im in a tent in the woods trying prompt from a cell phone at midnight.... yes. I know i have issues!

Marc said...

Greg - my goodness, that's one way to enforce the rules! Highly effective, I must say.

Desert Frog (sorry, I have no idea how to type your name so I'm going with your blog title!) - thanks for stopping by! I look forward to reading your writing when you choose to share it with us :)

Iron Bess - thanks! :)

Thursdays sound like a good day to call in sick...

Morrigan - haha, those two are clearly out of their element :D

Great suggestion from your sister! And issues? Nah, I call that dedication.

Have a great time :)

Nimal (Desertfrog) said...

Thank you Marc,
Yes it was my mistake using Google ID it's in my Language which others cannot read.My name is Nimal (Don't put A in to the front....haha) Just created "Desert frog" because i am working in Dry Middle east for the last 20 years turning in to a frog in the desert.

Marc said...

Nimal - ah, that's better! I look forward to hearing your desert tales :)