Saturday June 16th, 2012

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about something or someone that is: unwanted.

It rained all the way to Penticton this morning, but thankfully it stopped right around opening. Clouds kept the sun away the rest of the time, but at least they didn't insist on dumping rain on us.

The berries went quickly, as expected, and the plants sold decently. Overall it was a pretty good market, all things considered.


I am flattered,
I must admit it...
But hourly flowers?
You have to quit it!


Greg said...

Heh, I see what you mean about summer's false starts: every time you mention the sun we get a post the next day about the rain! At least it held off for the market, and it sounds like you sold all the perishable stuff, which is good! I rather like the idea of hourly flowers, if only because it would make opening a florist rather easy :)
In fact, I think I may riff off your hourly flowers, if I may?

'My advice to you son, is you should leave her,
She's not good enough, and she has hayfever.
So in your name, and on the hour,
I'm sending her a bunch of flowers.'

Anonymous said...

it lay there quite unwanted upon the rubbish heap,
two eyes, a nose and balding fur, a bear she wanted to keep,
someone'd outgrown it an' 'ad thrown it out at leisure,
one kid's junk sometimes becomes another child's treasure

Boing said...

Quietly creeping, barely noticed,
Day by day the darkness grows.
Year after year, I dread it,
Until Mid-Winter turns the tide, ushering Summer back!

Morrigan Aoife said...

My tearing eyes are red and sore,
God help me, I can't take no more,
Send no more flowers through this door,
One more bouquet and I'm done for!


Continuations didn't have a big turn out earlier int he week. So today I took my que from Greg.

As for my daughter Selena (11) it was a freak accident. She was on the swingset in the back yard. Using the one of the swings and going pretty high when the chain broke and launched her into the air. She flew up and hit the trunk of a tree about six foot or so up, with the side of her face and body then flipped a time or two as she came through the branches then landed in a heap on the ground. She's got a concussion and her one leg has issues but the ct and xrays didn't show any fractures or brain bleeds so while they are still concerned because shes slurringher words and talking immaturely, they said it's probably just shock and the concussion and sent us home after HOURS of observation.

Marc said...

Greg - haha, twas an excellent riff indeed!

Writebite - sounds like a bear worth saving to me :)

Boing - hello and welcome!

Oh my, you've captured my feelings on winter almost exactly. Nearly always wanting more heat and sunshine.

Morrigan - ah, unexpected continuations are even better in my opinion. They're always such a nice surprise!

Good gravy, that sounds terrifying! Sending positive, healing vibes in Selena's direction.