Tuesday June 19th, 2012

The exercise:

Two haiku about: the photographer.

Have something I can't talk about until tomorrow. Nothing else seems worth mentioning at the moment, so I'm just going to get to my writing now.


Watching our mad world
through his camera's eye, he
captures history

*     *     *

L.A. photog, she
moves in beautiful circles
while feeling ugly


Greg said...

You're being very mysterious! I shall look forward to tomorrow's revelation then :)
I like your first haiku better today, but mostly because I think "photog" is an ugly word.

The photographer
She called it 'glamour'
But those glossy magazines
Are on the top shelf.


Mingle light and shade
To get a new perspective
Through a simple lens.

Anonymous said...

marc, no haiku today, but i grabbed this off my blog for the theme...The Fractured Lens
The Fractured Lens

It lay on the ground. Someone had dropped it in a frantic hurry. It was old, dusty, abandoned. It was an old fashioned camera. I picked it up and screwed off the lens.
Looking through it, the world took on a different flavour. Lines broke the images into facets, fracturing the smooth picture. Trees looked cut in half and restitched together badly. Clouds in the sky looked more haphazard than they really were. It was like looking at portions of a jigsaw of the surroundings which had kind of lost its character.

I took the camera home and showed it to my partner who’s a whizz at fixing stuff. He’s also a budding photographer. He brought it inside to the darkroom, shutting the door and blacking out the window shades. Inside was an old roll of black and white film. Fetching out the right chemicals, he set to developing the film.
Pictures of sadness lay there, jelling before our eyes. A boy with his pet lying dead in his arms. A father in uniform saying goodbye at the docks, readying for war. A woman crying, ringing her hands in her apron, looking down the street, watching, waiting for the return of the one now gone. A funeral coffin lying in state, covered in flowers.

These pictures told a sad, sad story of a fractured life, distraught memories and an almost gruesome recording of it.
It was like looking at life through a fractured lens.

Morrigan Aoife said...

Black and white filter
Shot with a wide angle lens
The landscape captured


Your faults disappear
Exposing your best features
He's a magician

Cathryn Leigh said...

The Photographer

A black tie event
Mingling guests, dresses and suits
Captured with pixles

Nature calls to her
Country and city beauty
Captured on her film

The last one inspired by a friend from highschool, wh's taken up Photography the way I've taken up writing. :}

summerfield said...

let me guess, you're going to be a dad?

hi, marc. been away doing some photography. funny that i came around here and photographer is the prompt. i might write a haiku or two about it sometime.

know that i've missed DWP. a lot.

Marc said...

Greg - agreed, I don't care for photog either. Just couldn't think of another way to make that one work.

Haha, love your first one. It's so subtle that I almost missed it!

Writebite - thank you for sharing that, it's a fascinating story. Love all the details.

Morrigan - great second haiku. Where can I hire him? :P

Cathryn - that's very cool. I'm still tempted to take my photography a little more seriously as well, but there's only so much time to go around...

Summerfield - hey, great to hear from you!

And yes, I am going to be a dad, but I announced that back toward the end of April :)