Tuesday June 5th, 2012

The exercise:

Two Haiku Tuesday brings us: forgiveness.

Miserable weather outside produced progress on inside work today, both indoors and in the greenhouse. Hurray for us taking advantage of the rain to get stuff done that would otherwise be delayed by work in the garden, I suppose.

Finger still hurts, therefore typing is still awkward. It would appear I got it pretty good yesterday. And that the knife I used to cut it is darn sharp.


I carry the weight
of your betrayal with me;
only I suffer.

*     *     *

This burden grows old,
my hourglass more empty;
let us opt for peace.


Greg said...

Sharp knives are the only kind you should have around! Blunt knives are far more dangerous. That said, if you let them hide under soapy dishwater, the sharp ones can be pretty vicious too.
I think I like your first haiku better this week, though it's pretty hard to choose between the two! The hourglass is a great image in the second one.

Lonely atonement
Atop an urban mountain
Seeking forgiveness


This priest does not care:
He forgives dismissively
And it means nothing

Iron Bess said...

Cold and crappy outside, a good day for a run methinks. Yesterday I had no internet, so far I am on line today...so yippee.

@Marc - your second one somehow feels lopsided, a burden denoting heavy, the hourglass empty. I like the lesson of the first one.

@Greg - love your second one, it hits me right on my loathing for priests.

Here's mine...

In order to start
you must forgive yourself first.
All else is easy.

The wind blows clean air
through me, through you, cleaning out
our resenting thoughts.

Morrigan Aoife said...

Just to prove their point
Castles burned and lives destroyed
A cousin's quarrel

< >

No, I can't forgive
Be sure, I will not forget
The cause of my pain.

VicBlogger said...

The betrayal of your acts made me old;
No time has passed but now my heart grows tired;
Is it possible to forgive?
Is it necessary to forgive?
If only time will tell, and I don`t have any more time,
There`s only one solution
Let`s forget the past that has been, Let`s forget the present that could be but it is not, and let`s focus on a future when we can both be young hearted again.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, it wasn't exactly hiding in the water... I was holding it in my left hand while attempting to wash something else. Not entirely sure how I managed it... maybe I thought the sharp side was facing the other way?

Great second haiku!

Iron Bess - lordy, lordy, is your first one ever true. Still working on that one.

Morrigan - really like your second one this week.

VicBlogger - hello and welcome to the writing practice party!

Love the sentiment in yours. Looking forward to reading more from you :)