Wednesday June 27th, 2012

The exercise:

Today we write about: the sale.

We received the results from last week's ultrasound this morning and everything is looking as it should. We had no real reason to think otherwise - but plenty of first time parent imaginings and fears - so it was nice to have it confirmed.

Harvesting for the restaurant tomorrow morning, since we were in Penticton today during the time we usually pick for them. I shall have strawberry scented nightmares tonight.


"Are you sure you don't want any? They're doing a two for one sale!"

"Why would I care about that? I don't even want one of them."

"But it's a really great deal. Just think of how much you'd be saving if you picked up two or four or ev-"

"I'd rather think about how much I'm saving by not spending money on something I don't want. Come on, put those down. We're going home."


Greg said...

I'm glad the ultrasound has all come back good, I can quite imagine the tension while you're waiting for the results. Strawberry-scented nightmares sound quite unpleasant actually. I don't know if the Strawberry Shortcake doll was available in Canada, but my sister had one and it smelled of that horrible artificial strawberry smell – yuk!

Heh, I like your narrator today. I'm sure I've had exactly the same conversation!

The sale
Dr. Traffic Warden shook his head. He was still feeling muzzy after handling Lovely Rita's puzzle box, and the voice in his head was now sniggering at that thought like a teenager.
"Oh look, a sale!" Lovely Rita had stopped in front of a large plate glass window and was peering in.
"Shoes?" asked Dr. Traffic Warden. It always seemed to be shoes with women in his (limited) experience (they were turned off quickly by his hook hands).
"Tire irons," said Lovely Rita, sounding far too happy. "Look, I bet you get good heft on that one. And a broken windscreen is far more effective than a parking ticket."
"We combat car crime, not provoke it!" Dr. Traffic Warden heard the sniggering in his head again, and wondered for a moment why he wanted to be a supervillain.
"Put it down, Sylvestra," he said.
Lovely Rita looked away from the sale and stared at him.
"Who? And put what down?"
"What?" Dr. Traffic Warden shook his head again. "I... Are we buying anything from this sale?"
"Tire irons!"

writebite said...

the sale

"Do I hear 440? On the left? Going, going, gone, to the lady in white on the left!"
The vendors looked between the blind slats at the auctioneer's decisive bang of the gavel on the podium and jumped with glee at the price. Their sale was more than they'd expected. It was a sign of the times, a sign of positive growth again.
"Now we can truly move on," her husband said.
She tapped the real estate app on her iPad, plugged in the required filelds and tapped search.
"Here are several properties for sale in that area," she reported to hubby. "I don't see any problems finding something we'll like!" she added cheerily.
And the cycle began again...

Cathryn Leigh said...

I sort of liked the Strawberry Shortcake... but then I didn't have the horrible comercial experience, just the couple of books at my grandmother's house.

@Greg - you really got me snickering today as the alternate reality has become approached by the one the characters are originally from... I also appreciated the imature voice in his head. :}

@Write - oh dear, buying bigger than they can afford eh? Tsk Tsk... :}


Blankets spread out and tables galore, filled to the brim with trinkets and toys.
Pictures and photographs, and furniture too dot the lawn like an object zoo.
Won't you stop by this garage sale of ours?
Surely there's something here you might like.
A gift for a lvoed one, and obnoxcious toy for a relative?
Come on up, there's plenty here, all marked to be sold at reasnable cost.
When's the last time you could get something for a penny?
We've even got Lemonaide and Ice Tea.
(that's our real money maker you see.)

and odd prose/poety combination of thoughts :}

Morrigan Aoife said...

A husband and wife walk into Sears intending to window shop for cribs for their baby to be. The doting husband is listening intently to all his wife’s plans for the nursery as she ambles on and on through the baby section of the store. A salesman eyes the couple for a few minutes before walking over to prey upon the pair in their time of need.

The woman spots a beautiful cherry wood convertible crib. “Jessie, this ere’s perfect! It goes from one of them bassinet thingies to a crib, then to a tot bed and even turns into the header and footer for a big kid bed. Somef’in like this ‘ere could really save us some dough, honey. Think about all the stuff we ain’t gotta buy with one of these.”

Jessie walks to the crib inspecting the quality of the craftsmanship before turning the informative tag over to gander at the price. “$800 Bucks!” he cries as he turns to the salesman “Ya’ll call this a half price sale?” The salesman pipes up commenting for nearly two minutes on the crafter and their style of design before it becomes obvious that all this talk of the latest innovations in baby furniture is lost upon Jessie.

“Sir, Jessie says I’m sorry but your high flut’in hoidy toidy ways is just too much trouble for us simple folk. Come on Ellie Mae. Let’s go on over to the Wal-mart.”

writebite said...

CL, no, not at all, in fact the tone is one of positivity, looking ahead

Marc said...

Greg - I vaguely recall one of my sisters having a Strawberry Shortcake doll, but I don't remember the scent.

Even as Lovely Rita she has a tendency for destruction, doesn't she? :)

Writebite - I am intrigued by the couple in your tale. The cycle beginning again could take things in so many different directions!

Cathryn - hah, I like that the annoying toy is marketed toward a relative's child :D

Morrigan - I could picture that scene far too clearly. And the intent to go buy from Wal-mart just makes me shudder.