Saturday June 9th, 2012

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the receptionist.

I thought I'd celebrate the fourth anniversary of this blog by buying a new laptop!

Well, no, but that's what I ended up doing today. I suppose it was time for an update anyway, but it didn't rate very highly in the Affordability and Excellent Timing categories.

But still, happy fourth birthday, Daily Writing Practice. June 9th, 2008 feels like a long, long time ago.


She welcomes your questions
With a big plastic smile,
And notes all of your faults
In her thick secret file.


Greg said...

Congratulations on four years! And congratulations on the new laptop, for all it wasn't a planned purchase :) The new one will seem much shinier and faster for a while though!
That's an interesting receptionist you've got there, she sounds like receptionist is just the stepping stone on her way to another, better job.

In our little mansion there's a reception hall,
Where visitors must wait if they should come to call,
The receptionist will take their coats and sell them on Ebay,
Then tell them we're not in and send them on their way.

Cathryn Leigh said...

The Receptionist

Surrounded by others,
She's often all alone.
Typing at her computer,
Wishing she were home.

Now and then a coworker,
Will stop by to say hi.
And for a moment boredom is broke,
Until their friend says bye.

Anonymous said...

marc i am tempted to ask if u bought an ipad...
but if u had, u would have said something like "woohoo"
( no, i don't work for apple, i'm just a paddict:)

on The Office twas Pam
I liked her a lot
now Erin's the ham
'cause they've altered the plot

(yeah, it's weak, but my Sunday night here feels lazy)

Anonymous said...

@ marc ... d'oh! i forgot to add my congrats... four years! you've kept us all sane, too, no doubt, with this creative outlet here:)

Morrigan Aoife said...

Happy 4th DWP!!!


The short job description read, type 90 words per minute and file,
Answer the phone, take messages, and greet clients with a smile,
Nowhere in the advertisement did it discuss your sleazy advances
So are you going to get your hands off of me or take your chances?

Marc said...

Greg - thanks! And yes, I agree - that receptionist is headed straight for the top :)

Yours, I see, has a mind for her own bottom line.

Cathryn - I've temped in a few reception positions and I think you've captured that feeling of isolation perfectly.

Writebite - nah, just another Toshiba. The price was right and the last one served me well, so here we are :)

Sunday nights are made for lazing! And thank you for the kind words :D

Morrigan - thanks!

Hah, very nicely done. Had me leaning one way with the first two lines, then caught me totally off balance with the concluding pair :D