Sunday June 17th, 2012

The exercise:

Glory be, I'm able to use Blogger in Firefox again! I'm in such a festive mood that I think I'll do some more unfavorable comparisons. Join me in the fun, won't you?

We had Kat's parents down for a BBQ on our deck to celebrate Father's and Father-to-be's Day. Kat's dad brought his BBQ down earlier in the afternoon and I grilled up some burgers, salmon, and asparagus. Kat, meanwhile, created this:

Thankfully the weather was in an agreeable mood, so things went great. We've got a really big harvest lined up for tomorrow morning, as there are several local orders to pick for on top of our initial box program day.

Fingers crossed we won't have to do it in the rain.


I wouldn't say my son's room should be declared a disaster area. I'm sure the mice and germs find it perfectly hospitable.

*   *   *

He's got the brains of a goldfish, and the kissing technique to match.

*   *   *

Well, I can't say I'd rather be buried alive than date your sister. The feelings are just too similar.

*   *   *

He'd lose a popularity vote against cancer.


Greg said...

The barbecue sounds rather tasty, and Kat's salad has succeeded in making me hungry, despite me not long having eaten breakfast! Good luck with the rain holding off for your harvest, too :)
It's a hard choice between your third and fourth for favourite this morning, but I'm going with number four. Just because it's delightfully mean!

Reading her prose was like rubbing your eyes after cutting up chilis. You knew it was a bad idea, it hurt, and the hurting went on for far too long afterwards.

His eyeballs glistened like sweaty cheese under a heat lamp at an all-you-can-eat diner the day before the health department closed them down.

Her skin was as clammy as a damp stone wall in a crypt, and had much the same colour and texture.

He was so hard to get on with that even his pets would phone the animal shelter to get taken away.

Cathryn Leigh said...

@Marc - I like your second one best.

@greg - hm... I'm going for your fourth on as the best, imo.

Unfavoratble Comparisons

The fragrance of the room reminded me of being cooped up in a barn full of uncleaned chicken cages.

Her eyes sat in her head like a frogs, closing every time she opened wide to eat.

And that's all for today, maybe I'll find two more later :}

Morrigan Aoife said...

Tiffany has got a mouth the size of the grand canyon and a head just as empty.

Stephanie is more clingy then a pit bull at a bull fight.

Dylan is so shallow, puddles have more depth.

Marc said...

Greg - it *is* delightfully mean, isn't it? :D

I'd have to say your first is my favorite this go 'round.

Cathryn - haha, love the imagery in your second one! :)

Morrigan - I think I've met a few Tiffanys in my life...