Saturday June 2nd, 2012

The exercise:

A four line poem about: waste.

Pretty decent market this morning, with the sun making a surprise and very welcome appearance. Probably the nicest weather for a market so far this year.

Taking most of the day off tomorrow (ooh, what luxury), probably ending things off with adding stairs to the deck.


So much potential
Just flushed straight down the drain,
All because he chose
To shoot toxins in his veins.


Greg said...

Stairs... such luxury! What's wrong with a drop and a trampoline at the bottom? I did consider a slide, but then I realised you'd need a way to get back up again, and the trampoline seems like most fun :)
That's a slightly bitter poem, and makes me wonder who the narrator is and what their grievance is. Good work!

It's a landfill –
They fill holes in the land with waste
And hope that it turns to compost
With something approaching haste.

Anonymous said...

waste not, want not
that's what granny said;
now she hoards a lot,
with that adage in her head

Iron Bess said...

@Marc - like you last line the best
@Greg - overtones of our modern issues there.
@Writebite - oh, you must know my mom.

The only excuse I have for my poetry, besides the fact tha I suck at it, is that I just started running again after a two year hiatus which means that my brain is focusing on all the pain my body is experiencing and cannot give any additional thoughts towards creativity.

When she passed she looked so ill and gaunt,
Now she lay in peace with a twelve inch waist.
Sad were mother, father, sister, aunt.
Her short life spent starving had been a waste.

Morrigan Aoife said...

She cooked with style and with grace
Till poor Chef Julia forgot to baste
Then the turkey exploded in her face
Now the entire meal’s a total waste!

Marc said...

Greg - while I'd certainly appreciate a trampoline, I'm not sure my pregnant wife would be quite so thrilled...

Heh, great final line :)

Writebite - love the rhythm and flow of yours!

Iron Bess - I fear beginning to run again. But at some point I shall have to do it.

Ugh, there's a tragedy for you. Nicely constructed.

Morrigan - haha, great way to convey a scene with so few lines :)