Saturday June 30th, 2012

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the anniversary.

There was a surprise 40th anniversary party for Kat's parents here this evening that went off pretty smoothly, despite the near constant rain. I think the grand total was twenty-one people, all relatives from both sides of the family.

This morning's market started off with a pretty impressive downpour and very few customers. Thankfully the rain eventually stopped, then the sun and the crowds arrived. Overall another successful market for us.

I was there with Kat's brother Adam, as Kat stayed here to rest and prepare for the evening's festivities. He seemed to enjoy himself, even with the weather, so I might be able to convince him to come again some time.


For one day each year
We gather to celebrate
You, your triumphs, and
Your bond with your special mate.


Anonymous said...

each year they come in,
anniversaries to remember
a death, birth or wedding,
of a family member

Greg said...

I guess the preparations for this surprise party are what's been wearing you out over the past few days! Sounds like it was a good party though, and the prospect of a new helper at the market can't be a bad thing :)

The poem's very sweet, did you share it with people at the party?

The anniversary
For exactly fifteen years,
I've been your arch-adversary,
Let me catch you just this once,
To celebrate this anniversary!

Morrigan Aoife said...

This came out as more of a riddle then a poem but let's see how easy it is to guess......

Each year I get a token
For another year of service
My will remains unbroken
But I rub it, when I’m nervous

Marc said...

Writebite - really like the rhythm of that one.

Greg - nah, I didn't write it until after things had wrapped up.

That sounds like a reasonable argument. I mean, how much longer can one be expected to continue chasing without any hint of success?

Morrigan - I do believe I'm stumped!

Morrigan Aoife said...

It's an AA token. When I was going to college for Criminal Psychology I met a lot of people with alcohol addiction.You can get a token for each year and you get a special one for the 5, 10, 15, etc. years. Many people keep them in their pocket and then they get the urge to drink they rub them or hold them in their hand as a reminder of their commitment.

Marc said...

Morrigan - ah, thank you for the explanation! That would've bothered me for quite a while :)