Friday August 10th, 2012

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose inspired by:

I'd been hearing odd noises in one of our walnut trees for the past week or so, but couldn't figure out what was making them. Finally spotted this guy this afternoon, after which I had the below conversation with Kat.

All set for the market tomorrow, with a big load of nectarines (~320 pounds worth), and a pretty decent selection of veggies too. Will try to get a picture of our stall before the crowds descend.


"At this rate we're not going to have any walnuts left," I lamented after showing Kat the above picture.

"I'm pretty sure we'll be fine - there's a huge crop out there."

"Or we'll have the biggest squirrel in the history of the world. Made entirely of walnuts."


Greg said...

Squirrels do make odd noises, don't they! They chatter angrily when they see my dog, because she chases them when she sees them. (I should probably add I only let her chase them because they can climb trees and she can't; I don't actually want her catching one!)
I reckon Kat's right, you can spare a few walnuts for a squirrel, even a fat one :-P
[I'll see about rewriting the cowboy story tomorrow when I have a little more time. I finished the damn tritina on the way to/from Liverpool today, so that's one less thing to do.]

The squirrel
"You remember when Green wanted to make us all wear parrots in parrot harnesses?" Sylvestra's tone suggested that she thought Dr. Septopus ought to remember, so he nodded a little.
"Well, there's a surprising number of squirrels hanging around the Council of Nastiness's HQ at the moment." She paused, checking that Dr. Septopus hadn't nodded off, and finished, "So I've been strapping tiny little proximity mines to their chests."

Marc said...

Greg - I look forward to reading your rodeo entry. Also, you are making me glad that I don't do Protag poetry tournaments anymore.

Squirrels with proximity mines? That's genuinely terrifying.