Thursday August 23rd, 2012

The exercise:

Write what you will about: the shelter.

Had some much appreciated help with the weeding in the garden this morning. Always amazes me how much more work gets done with an extra set of hands out there.

This evening had my best man and his girlfriend over for a BBQ on the deck. Many laughs and general good times were had.


Against these walls,
The wind will blow.
Will they prevail?
We do not know.
But there's nowhere
Else for us, so
Here we shelter,
And here...


Greg said...

Work always goes faster when there's someone to share it with, I think it's the conversation and the company that makes it easier. Now I just need to find a way to share my work around with other people....
A BBQ sounds nice right about now (despite it being 8am on a Friday morning) :)
I was marvelling for a little while at how easily you can control the tone of the poem by changing that last punctuation character – the period you've chosen adds an element of apprehension, but an exclamation mark or a question mark would be two different poems altogether. Really nice work :)

The shelter
Let the wind howl, let the storm roar,
Watch it from the window, watch it from the door.
Here inside there's always shelter, all are welcome,
Except my mother-in-law.

Harken all you restless ghosts, roaming in the night,
Come and shelter with us, we will not take fright.
Harken vicious beasts with fearsome appetites,
I'm serving mother-in-law for the next two nights.

[I know, it needs a lot of work, and really we need a reason for this hatred of the mother-in-law, but it kind of strikes my funny-bone!]

Papple said...

I am scared
I don't know how to build a shelter
There are wild beasts out there
I feel that i'm going to scream
I think there's something behind me
GET ME OUT OF........

Hi Marc I'm back and I am writing again I was getting bored and I'm doing some writing tests so I have been trying to practice so what better place to practise other than daily writing PRACTICE.

Marc said...

Greg - thanks!

Yes, well, it smacks my funny bone as well. Sometimes a reason is not entirely necessary :P

Papple - welcome back! Good to see you around here again :)

Really like the way you ended your writing by cutting it short, that really added to its effect.