Tuesday August 21st, 2012

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: connections.

Friends coming tomorrow. More friends coming Friday. Kat returning Saturday.

Good days ahead.


He's trying so hard
to learn, but there's no ink left
to connect the dots

*     *     *

It's been much too long
since I've had company; can't
wait to reconnect


Greg said...

Sounds like you've got quite the busy week ahead of you! Are all your friends being roped into cleaning the house so Kat is impressed with your housekeeping skills when she returns?
I like your first haiku better today, I feel like that sometimes. Usually at the end of the day :)

Join the neck bone to
the collar bone and build bet-
ter than Frankenstein!


Each node of this graph
Connects people together
It's a friendship map

Marc said...

Greg - no, absolutely not!

Though I was planning on asking them to do some yard work...

I quite like your friendship map. I think one would go very nicely on one of the walls of my home.