Saturday August 25th, 2012

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: completion.

My friends Alex and Megan are visiting for a few days, this being their last stop on their drive from Toronto before arriving in Vancouver. I went to high school with Alex and we stayed with them overnight on our way to and from Jamaica last year.

They're moving to Vancouver after Alex spent the last five years or so in Toronto, dragging the Ontario girl out west with him. Sounds like they've had quite the journey so far, but it's almost complete.

That's not what inspired the prompt today though.

No, that was all about the return of Kat this afternoon, and the feeling of my family being complete once more.


We have come so far,
We're very nearly there;
Just a few more miles,
And... oh crap, a bear!


Greg said...

Sounds like a good full house then! Did Kat have a good trip?
Heh, I like the bear at the end of your poem. Now there's an obstacle to finishing!

No chance at redemption,
No space for sins' depletion
Although this is an ending,
It's surely not completion.

Brittany said...


It was the last paragraph.
It was the last sentence.
It was the last word
In the story of my life.

Marc said...

Greg - she did, thank you for asking :)

Love the rhythm and flow of your poem. Really nicely done.

Brittany - excellent take on the prompt! I really enjoyed that.