Saturday August 11th, 2012

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: star gazing.

Kat and I sat out on the deck this evening and watched some of the Perseid meteor shower. Pretty spectacular stuff.

So we actually ended up bringing about 360 pounds of nectarines to the market this morning. When Kat's dad brought up two more crates to the truck this morning I almost told him we didn't need them.

And we didn't... but only just. Because we only brought back three crates (about sixty pounds) worth of nectarines. So yeah, it was a pretty good market.


Slicing through a star-dotted sky,
He visits us but once a year.
Our time together is fleeting;
I wish that he would linger here.


Brittany said...

Hello everyone! I hope your weekend is going well.


The stars reflected in his eyes
mirroring the night sky.
One fire fly shuttered close by
dropping with a falling star.

Greg said...

You sold three hundred pounds of nectarines? At one market? Good grief, that sounds enormous! Although you're no doubt going to tell me that Canadian nectarines weigh about 10 pounds each and that selling thirty is easy :)
It was a bit overcast in London so I don't think we'd have had much chance to see the Perseids, though I would have liked to. It sounds like you and Kat had fun with it though.
That's quite a sentimental little poem!

Star gazing
One day I saw a wondrous star
that blazed across the sky.
It's now so close we're burning up,
It seems we're doomed to die.

Anonymous said...

he couldn't wait to see the sky
he got out of the car,
his little arm pointed into the night
- baby's first word was Star!

Brendacious said...

Three hundred and sixty pounds of nectarines.
How many stars above them in the sky?
A sweet perfume scents the night-time.
Sunshine orange and glittering far-away suns share the stage.

Marc said...

Brittany - hello and the same to you!

Wonderful imagery. Makes for a very evocative poem.

Greg - hah, no. More like half a pound each. Though there were a lot of over ripe ones we had to cull.

That's quite the unexpected turn your poem took. I like it!

Writebite - that would be one heck of a moment. I've already promised our baby that he'll get to stay up for next year's edition of this meteor shower :)

Brendacious - love it! Makes me wish I had taken a picture of our nectarines to share with you guys :)

Adam Clayton said...

Just discovered your blog. I like it a lot. Here's my attempt:

Riding midnight home through the lanes
Distracted by these ancient lights
That range forever above the trees
And track long-forgotten memories

Anonymous said...

@ marc... yeah, when Halley's comet appeared and the supernova appeared, i dragged my kids out of bed, saying this is once in a lifetime! they might not recall it, but i know i did the right thing!
i can't wait for u to experience fatherhood, reckon u will love it....somuch to teach the children...and for them to re-educate us...

Anonymous said...

@ Adam... like ur blog!

Marc said...

Adam - welcome! I'm glad you found your way here, and I hope the blog can be of some use to you.

Wonderful imagery and sentiment in your poem. Particularly like that opening line.

Writebite - I'm very much looking forward to fatherhood too :)

And I feel like he's already taught us a lot. We've got some catching up to do once he's actually born!