Friday August 31st, 2012

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the enhancement.

Last day of August already, huh? Ain't that something.

To the market tomorrow with: peaches, nectarines, corn, berries (black and rasp), tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, onions, garlic, cucumbers, pears, plums, and (deep breath) our first selection of Gala apples.

Toss in some sunshine and the fact that it's the last long weekend of the summer and it should make for a good one.


The house had been sealed shut for over a week, with Mr. Prince locked inside while he made various enhancements to his family's living space. When his wife and daughter were finally allowed inside to view the results there were many gasps of surprise and admiration.

His daughter was especially fond of the pony that had been trained to carry her up the stairs each night to bed.

She was less thrilled, however, when she discovered her closet had been turned into a stable - one she was expected to muck out.


Greg said...

That's a huge amount of produce for the market! I bet it all sells though, the list sounds delicious just reading it :)
Heh, I like the practicality in your piece; the closet being a stable is a beautiful touch!

The enhancement
The advert offered personal enhancement of an intimate nature, promising results in four weeks or less. Jake had emailed his order with a little bit of nervousness, which had got worse as he checked the post each day, wondering where it had gotten to.
"Jake?" called his mother from the bottom of the stairs. "Jake, there's some post here for you, but it seems to be rusty...."

Marc said...

Greg - not quite all, but most! There's a whole lot of competition at the market, but thankfully there are enough customers to mostly go around.

A rusty personal enhancement does not sound like something I'd care to make use of...

writebite said...

better late than never...

The Enhancement (dwp)

I up-loaded the photos onto Picasa from my camera. 
I was eager to see the results of the day’s work. I had twenty sunset shots to sort through, and a hundred macro shots of the red rose that I took earlier in the day. 
I scanned through the sunsets first. The reds were stunning. Orange, gold, crimson, even a hint of teal green before the dusky blue of dusk took over - they were all there. When I scrolled through each shot quickly using the computer’s mouse, it was like looking at a time lapse movie. The sun poured it fiery contents over the still waters of the lake just there, beyond my home. There were just enough clouds placed at the right angle to give this range of colour, a rare event these days. It was hard to choose the best, but I pared it down to three. One, I would have enlarged to canvas for my wall; the other two would become greeting cards. The colours were vivid enough not to require any enhancement from Picasa’s editing suite. 
Next came the macro. A few  were blurry as happens when you move in and out of the focal range using a macro lens. I deleted them. In the middle of the batch I seemed to have got the lighting just right. It must have been the angle to which I turned my head, allowing more noonday light to hit the subject which had become alive at my calling. Using the black and white enhancement, the shadows of peaks and valleys that shaped the petals showed all the gradations of shades of grey you could possibly imagine. I printed one up to sketch for later. Switching back to colour, again, there was no need to enhance the rich red I saw before me on screen. I chose one photo with the angle just off-centre. I posted it up on my blog for all to see. The light shines through best on screen with dense subjects like this, thus doing the picture justice. 

Marc said...

Writebite - love the descriptions of the photos. Though I suppose I would, wouldn't I? :P