Tuesday August 14th, 2012

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the comeback.

Not a particularly eventful or productive day. Did manage to harvest for a late local order though, as our most loyal customers came back this afternoon after being out of town all weekend.

Just found out the box customers who didn't pick up yesterday are also out of town and won't be able to collect their produce this week. More than a little annoyed about that right now.


He returns, against
all odds; retired living
was much too quiet.

*     *     *

School lesson: you've won
the argument when they can
only say Shut up!


morganna said...

Ooh -- I'm first! :)
Just the right words for
The nasty remark -- why are
They always too late?

Greg said...

I say you should keep that box out in the sun until they come to pick it up :) It seems a little inconsiderate to me to not tell you, but perhaps they have a good reason that you'll hear about when they return.
That prompt. Oh dear. A colleague at work a little while back thought (wrongly) that he'd managed to one-up me, and said "You've got no comeback now, see!" to which I replied, "Only because I left all my comeback on your mother's face." He was very quiet after that....
I like both haikus today actually, and agree with both of them too!

Looks like I'm out of time for haikus though, sorry :(

Cathryn Leigh said...

Hm... Morgana took my thought for a comeback Hiaku... I remember having one manafest itself years after the incedent that I consider the first teasing of what turned into many but that's another story and hm... Let's see.

The Comeback

Out of the ashes
Flames raoring to the sky
The Phoenix does fly

A glimering horn
The Unicorn heals the dead
Life, the second time

*giggles* and I pick the two subjects of my Poety Entries. No I don't like mythical beasts at all :}

Marc said...

Morganna - ah, you've just written a haiku about my life from grade 7 through 9 :P

Greg - they told me I could donate it. So I have. To my belly.

Oh my lord. I think that little anecdote is more than enough writing out of you today!

Cathryn - no, no affinity for mythical beasts for miles around... ;)