Wednesday August 29th, 2012

The exercise:

Write a little about: intentions.

Yesterday I mailed off my first 8x10 photograph prints. One set was headed to my sister in Calgary, another to Vancouver, and the last is on its way across the pond to London.

Here's hoping they all manage to arrive undamaged.


"Oh my goodness, Daniels threw that punch with bad intentions!"

"It kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?"

"It certainly does! Can you imagine if he'd landed that shot? Wilkins very likely would have had his head knocked clean off his shoulders!"

"That's not quite what I meant."

"Oh, of course. Right, you obviously were thinking about the terrifying prospect of having to climb into that ring and face Daniels yourself! That is indeed worthy of a pants change my friend!"

"No, you're still not getting it."

"All right, I give. What were you talking about?"

"Well, I was just wondering whether or not, in the long, storied history of professional boxing, a man has ever thrown a punch with good intentions."


Greg said...

That's fantastic news about the prints, and I'm sure the recipients are going to really enjoy them all. I'm not sure that Collection #2 is such good value for money at the moment though... :-P
I'm sure there have been punches thrown with good intentions, but possibly not in the boxing ring... or by boxers outside of the ring for that matter. Perhaps this is the start of a sequel to A Fighting Chance then?
By the way, whose turn is it on How the Best was Won? Seems like that story should be finished given how close to the end it is!

"Oh my goodness, Daniels threw that punch with bad intentions!"
"Didn't she used to putt shot?"
"Who, Daniels? And what do you mean, putt shot? Surely you mean shotputt?"
"Yes Daniels. And oh... look at that! The punch has completely soaked Fleur! That white dress will never look the same again."
"Shotputt doesn't really sound right either.... What did you intend when you said 'putt shot'?"
"Mostly that she's a big girl and she's used to throwing things. You're overthin– oh no, she's throwing another one!"
"Do fish like punch?"
"Probably not that much, I hope someone can get them out of that tank soon. What's wrong with Daniels?"
"Someone told her that Dan's intentions might not have been so innocent when he asked her if she putt shot."
"Huh? And it's shotputt."
"Yeah right, but she said yes and he thinks it's a euphemisism for lesbian-being."
"...ok, you're just doing this to mess with me now, aren't you?"

Jordan Jack Rockerbie said...

Clearly I am ridiculous, 'cause the first thing I pictured when I read "Daniels threw that punch with bad intentions!" was an angry gentleman tossing a full punch bowl, discus style, at his opponent.

Yup, I'm absolutely mad over here.

writebite said...


a word
a glance
a sniffle
a nudge
all convey meanings to those who look on

your thoughts will translate
into actions or speeches
syntax is everything

be clear about your intentions
for their eternal consequences

Marc said...

Greg - collection two will expand eventually :P

It would be my turn in the western. It has been in my thoughts a lot lately, so something is bound to come of that. Right?

That's a hell of a scene you've created there. Wonderful chaos :D

JorJack - yeah, but you're my kind of ridiculous :)

Writebite - that's another excellent entry from you. Those last two stanzas are especially spot on.