Friday July 5th, 2013

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: rolling.

Taking the family to the Lower Mainland tomorrow morning for Kat's graduation ceremony. She's just finished her third and final year of her online course to become a counsellor and most of her classmates are gathering in Langley for the celebration - the rest will be joining in online.

It's been an incredible amount of hard work and she's shown a remarkable level of dedication to get to this point. I'm looking forward to sharing this moment with her.

That means we're skipping the farmers market tomorrow, which we would have done anyway as we're between major fruit crops - the cherries are done and the apricots are just starting. It's not really worth the trip with what we'd be able to scrounge from the garden.

But I ended up spending most of the morning harvesting anyway, as the restaurant put in another order for greens and kohlrabi, and we have a local customer who wanted extra raspberries for freezing.

But it'll be nice to not wake up at five o'clock tomorrow morning (right Max?) and I'm really looking forward to the weekend away.

We'll be back sometime Monday afternoon, so Saturday and Sunday will be scheduled posts. See you when we return.


The hill is steep but covered with soft, inviting grass. We know we should keep walking, ignore this silly distraction. But the temptation is terribly strong...

So here we are, rolling down the hill, laughing like madmen and covering our suits with grass stains.


Greg said...

Congratulations, Kat! I hope graduation is fun :) And I'm sure you'll both be happy not to be getting up at 5am for once.
Heh, I love the optimism and humour in your four lines this morning!

The produce driver, on his way from Yoga Farm to Sixticton again, paused for a moment and stared through the windshield. The littel thug from a few days ago was heading towards him on the other side of the road, his skinny legs frantically dancing to keep his balance on a short, fat log.
"Yo dawg!" he shouted as he drew level. "I'm rollin', they be hatin'!"

Marc said...

Greg - thanks, I shall pass on your congrats to the lovely graduate :)

Hah, good to hear from our... enthusiastic thug once more :D