Saturday July 27th, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the singer.

Now that was more like it, Penticton (and visiting tourists). After emptying out the cooler this morning to pack up the truck (it holds about 20 crates of produce) I only had 4 crates to put back in there upon my return this afternoon.

I suspect the slightly cooler weather (high twenties/low thirties instead of high thirties) and a small reduction in the price of our apricots were both contributing factors.

Whatever it was, I was busy pretty much from opening until the usual noon hour slowdown. With the next market coming on the long weekend, I expect more of the same next time around.


His duets with the radio
Led to dreams of superstardom,
Though his wife secretly hoped
He would instead be struck dumb.


Greg said...

Sounds like a good market! I think the cooler weather will definitely have helped, though people will always also be drawn to a bargain :)
Heh, I like you poem, it's quite funny. Did Kat suggest the last two lines? *looks innocent and whistles*

The singer
She's got the voice of an angel
After a house-fire in Heaven.
On the one-to-ten scale,
She scores minus seven.

WolfRider5/6 said...

Her voice like honey,
More smooth than silk,
She does it not for money,
But for love and of hope

Marc said...

Greg - no, thank you kindly, Kat did not do anything of the sort :P

Ouch. That would not be a review I'd care to read after a concert!

Wolfrider - I quite like your singer and her motivations :)