Saturday July 13th, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: suspicion.

Market went well this morning, as we sold out of apples, plums, and green beans. Only had one cabbage left, and we moved all but a couple pounds of the riper variety of apricots. The less ripe apricots will definitely still be good for Tuesday's boxes, so that works out pretty nicely.

Also sold a good number of my greeting cards, which sent me home happy.


I'm full of suspicion,
Was it you? Was it you?
I just wish I could tell
What is true? What is true?


Greg said...

That sounds like an excellent market, with so much sold and so little to take back! And I'm really pleased to hear that your greetings cards are picking up their sales – it's amazing how these things suddenly gain momentum :)
I think your four lines capture the essential nature of suspicion perfectly; always alert, always watching, always worrying. Beautifully done.

Suspicious Suzy had a doozy
Of a thing to dread.
Flirtatious Freddy, always ready:
Was he cheating in her bed?

Marc said...

Greg - thank you! Both for the encouragement regarding the cards and your kind words on my poem.

Goodness me, that's a fun poem to read aloud. I think I shall do so again.