Tuesday July 2nd, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about something that is: refreshing.

Mother of mercy was it ever hot today. The high was supposedly 38 degrees, but our thermometer was 37 at five o'clock and it was mostly in the shade. So... yeah, they need to take their readings around our place before I start believing it.

We were definitely racing to get the greens picked for the boxes this morning. Off the plant, into the bag, and into the cooler as quickly as possible. Everything was looking good during pickup this afternoon though, so we must have done well.

It's supposed to be a bit more reasonable tomorrow. Which is good, because we need to harvest another six pounds of arugula and six pounds of salad blend for the restaurant.

Also: I don't want it to be excessively hot for when my parents arrive after lunch, or else they might not stay until Saturday like they're currently planning. But I suppose Max would just have to be extra cute if it is hot again in order to convince them to put up with it.


I'm sorry, my dear -
was that truth slipping through your
lips? How refreshing!

*     *     *

The road's waving hot,
plants reach down with wilted hands;
shower me with ice.


Anonymous said...

That's definitely not a nice temperature to have to work in! If it's that hot in the shade then the best thing to do is as little as possible :)
I'm sure Max will be every bit as cute as you need him to be; failing that I'd go with making sure there are plenty of iced drinks and breezy, shady places for people to escape to.
I really like your first haiku today for its tart little sting; but I also really like the imagery in the second haiku. I'm going to declare it a draw!

Water's calm surface
Hides a deep refreshing chill.
The swimmer darts past.

Hot, tired eyes blink,
But the road never changes.
They need refreshment.

R.K.SINGH said...

icy fish
laced with blood
spices smell


Marc said...

Greg - I'll gladly take a draw :)

Quite like the possibilities your first haiku inspired in my imagination.

R.K. - welcome to the blog!

That's an intriguing poem. Not my idea of refreshing, but I could see how it would be for someone else.

I appreciate the new perspective, and I hope to see more from you here :)