Wednesday July 31st, 2013

The exercise:

Write about something that is: forgotten.

We're back home with Max, as of this afternoon. He's still not seeming fully back to himself though, so we're sleeping up at Kat's parent's house for the extra overnight support.

Hopefully that's where we'll be when the sun comes up as well, because I'm not really interested in another middle of the night trip to the hospital.

My take on the prompt is super short because I want to get back up to the house, which does not have internet. Plus? I am very tired.


Apparently today is my third wedding anniversary. Not too surprisingly, we've been so distracted the last few days I'd pretty much forgotten about it.

I'd been thinking about it last week though. We'd even planned on going out for dinner while Kat's parents watched Max for us.

That's all been pushed aside, for now at least. Hopefully in a few days we'll be able to celebrate the occasion properly.

But for now, our focus is elsewhere. In fact, if Kat's aunt hadn't wished me a happy anniversary this morning I probably would have completely forgotten that today was the day Kat and I got hitched.


Abhi M said...

we had to attend a party one evening. me, my mom, dad and my bro. it was so boring and i dint want to miss my show (a detective one and its very exciting) so i was home early. i was so in a hurry that i forgot to lock the front door. when i was half way through my show i saw a reflection on my tv screen. i observed it for a moment and it was the shadow of a man. it was right behind me, at the door. then it popped into my head that i forgot to lock my front door. i was so scared to look behind me.
the shadow was moving now and its moving away from me. then i picked up my courage to look back. when i did, there was no one at the door. i thought i was imagining things and i relaxed.
then the phone rang. it was my mom. she said they were on their way home and also that bro took off right after i did.
then i settled on the couch to watch the rest of the show after making sure that the front door is properly locked.
then i heard a door close upstairs. i was scared. guess what i did?

i opened the front door and ran out onto the driveway. mom and dad just got there and saw the expression on my face. they asked me what happened. i told them everything.
dad went in to check and mom called my bro. guess who answered it!? dad!

BRO came home early and the shadow on the tv screen was my BRO's!!

even now they make fun of me about that day. it sure is funny.. :D

hey guys.. please let me know how my writings are.. this is the first time i am writing something.. i am curious

morganna said...

Wake up! Get dressed, eat breakfast.
Hurry, hurry, we have somewhere to be!
Lazy summer mornings are forgotten.

David said...

Begin Transmission

Titan Space Expedition IX

Checkpoint 9.01.34567

"Help us"

End Transmission

(Hope Max is doing much better)

Marc said...

Abhi M - my goodness, that would certainly have scared the crap out of me!

And you've made a great start, I'd say. Keep up the good work :)

Morganna - ah, such a shame. Lazy summer mornings tend to be awesome :)

David - that's pretty fantastic, in all its minimalism! And thank you for your kind thoughts :)