Monday July 29th, 2013

The exercise:

Hi there. Let's just get right to it, shall we?

Write about: the relapse.


Actually, now that I've chosen that topic I'm not entirely certain it's totally accurate for what I'm about to write. Oh well, I don't have the energy to think of something better. Onwards we go.

So you remember how two weeks ago Max decided to scare the hell out of us? Well, he did it again.

This time around it began Saturday night, just before midnight. It was more of a gradual waking up before the screaming began, but he got there eventually. We called the ambulance sooner this time, as we had an idea of what was happening (not why, obviously, but at least what). Max was still upset when the paramedics got there so they took him up to the hospital in Oliver with Kat.

When I got there shortly after they did Kat told me that he had returned to his usual self about halfway there. So after a few more checks and a brief conversation with the doctor we went back home.

And all was well.

Until Sunday night (technically Monday morning, but whatever) at one o'clock. Another waking turning to screaming. So we just put him in the car and drove to Oliver ourselves, as we knew the routine by that point.

As I was carrying him from the car toward emergency, however, he decided to add a new wrinkle to the pattern by throwing up all over me.

Now, we're pretty sure he's never done that before. He had a few small spit ups when he was very little, but nothing major. They ran a few tests and while he still seemed upset it was starting to seem like he was just over-tired. So they suggested we get him back in the car and drive around a bit to see if we could get him to sleep.

He was out less than a minute after we left the parking lot.

So back home we went. But when we got there he woke up fussing again, and then shortly after that he threw up for the second time. We called the ER in Oliver and they said to just head straight to Penticton.

We got there around quarter to six (I'd had about an hour's worth of sleep, Kat maybe had two). While he was getting checked out in emergency he threw up yet again. He added one more for good measure a little while after that. And then, after a good long nap, he was back to his usual self.

They checked us in for the night to observe him, not really having any clue what was wrong with him. He threw up a few more times last night, but there were no screams and he generally seemed unfazed by it. He did have a bit of diarrhea, which was another first for him. And then he was back to his usual self today (by today I mean Tuesday... I'd write this as though it's Monday but my brain can't handle that right now).

Max is spending the night at the hospital with Kat again tonight but we're hoping to be heading home tomorrow morning. At this point they still don't really know what's wrong, but the thinking is that he caught a virus of some sort and it's working its way through his system (the diarrhea is hopefully a sign of this). We'll see how tonight goes though.

Anyway. That, in long, is why the blog has been rather quiet. I made the trip back to Osoyoos this afternoon to get more clothes and things, and grabbed the laptop while I was at it. I'm spending the night again at Kat's aunt and uncle's place in Penticton and they have wireless internet, so hopefully things won't be interrupted again.

Okay? Okay. I'm going to go write today's (Tuesday) post now.


Anonymous said...

I did wonder if Max had done something that had delayed you posting! Hmm, it does sound a lot like a virus, especially with the upset stomach (and at both ends too...), so I hope it is as they tend to tidy themselves up and go home once they've finished scaring the life out of you. Poor Max though, the way things are going he'll be telling stories about how Saturday evening was always 'Ambulance Evening' when he gets older.
You have a collection of ambulance bears now? That's kind of cool :)

The relapse
"How's my darling wife today?" The man was smartly dressed, the crease down the front of his trousers sharp enough to cut people inadvertently bumping into him, a handkerchief poking out of the breast pocket of his jacket. In his arms was a large vase of flowers, tastefully arranged in an explosion of reds, purples and lilac. His teeth were as white as toothpaste, and there was a twinkle in his eye when he addressed the nurses at the nurses' station that made the younger ones shuffle their feet a little and wish that the woman he was visiting was some other relation to him.
"Awake," said Maureen. She was the oldest of the nurses and prided herself on not being distracted by superficial charms. "You can go straight in and see her."
"She's out of her coma?" For the first time ever the nurses saw him looking shocked. Then a broad smile spread across his face. "That's wonderful!" He hurried into her room.
"Well that was lovely," said Maureen, smiling herself now. "Isn't it great when – what was that?"
"Something falling off something?" asked Deirdre, who was also looking round.
The man appeared in the doorway of the room; behind him were flowers strewn everywhere and no sign of the heavy, pottery vase they'd been in.
"She's had a relapse," he said.

Marc said...

Greg - hah, I'd rather not have any night of the week be known as Ambulance Evening, thanks very much :P

Loved the description of the man at the start. And that's a great ending to the scene as well :D