Tuesday July 9th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: adversity.

Another successful box program day is in the books, despite us not getting back home until just before dinner yesterday. We managed to only miscalculate one item, and there was enough time for me to run out to the garden and get the extras we needed before the affected customers arrived.

Also slipped in some time with visiting relatives. The definite highlight being Max and his 22 month old cousin playing piano together.

And I do mean playing in the loosest sense possible.


Hard times are coming;
prepare now and you may live.
Time for a beer run.

*     *     *

Distant memories
of sleep and time to myself...
he's still worth it though.


Anonymous said...

Well done with the box program, and it sounds like it's going pretty smoothly, all things considered. If there's only been one miscalculation so far, that's good going!
Heh. I'm not sure I'd want to hear two toddlers playing on a piano, but the image is a sweet one!
I think I prefer your second haiku today, though it's another close call. But a haiku about Max deserves to win :)

Chained against stone walls,
Eyelids removed, tongue cut out,
Straining to be free.

Hope always renews.
Even in adversity
The sun will still rise.

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Piano is one of the easiest instruments to listen to when someone is learning. The worst you can do is hit some clashing notes very loudly; most other instruments squeak. So all things considered, two small kids "playing" piano is pretty good---so long as they're gentle.
- - - - - - - - - - -
He must show to her
that they complete each other;
they then must escape.

My own trial, though,
is to show that I must tell
this story in sound.
- - - - - - - - - - -
For being at a liberal arts institution, it has thus far proved surprisingly difficult to find advisor support for Shotek and Divana.

Which, on a semi-related note, two things to share:
First, I made a thing, and I'm really pleased with it.

The second is a related story. I have all these practice snippets on the same document, and my brother came across the one for Lunacy, and proceeded to read snatches of the good Dr Escobar with a Russian accent. Though weird as it was to hear it, it actually almost worked.

Aaron said...

Cool subject. Time for a beer run is awesome! Greg your first haiku made me grimace and your second cheer. g2 I love the line "this story in sound"

Shake off your weary
It does not become a man
Who would be Greatness

What is the challenge?
Outside it is suffering
Inside it is strength

Marc said...

Greg - well, only one miscalculation this week. I think that's been about average so far.

Oh, and if you do want to hear it I managed to get a short video of them before she left :D

Your first haiku provokes shudders, the second is such a wonderful contrast.

g2 - this is true. Though Max wasn't being especially gentle :P

I quite like your pair of haiku as well. And I shall have to make some time to listen to that!

Also: Doc speaking with a Russian accent makes me laugh.

Aaron - thanks :)

I can almost see your second one printed on a motivational poster of some sort.

Some days, I could use a poster like that around the house :P