Monday September 16, 2013

The exercise:

Write an acrostic poem about whatever you like. Why? Because apparently it has been quite some time since I last made use of that prompt.

This way late update brought to you by the thunder and lightning storm that (we think) took out our internet connection at home and the Osoyoos library WiFi connection.

Tech guy is coming by Wednesday afternoon, so hopefully things will get sorted out then. For now, Monday's update is all I have time for.


Nothing seems to be getting through;
Over's not working, under's a bust too!

So what I am supposed to do?
I need to update my blog you crappy,
Gormless pile of machinery!
No more excuses, I've enough ado!
Angry Marc has arrived; he's not
Leaving until this mess has been made new.


Anonymous said...

Hello Angry Marc :) You seem much more excitable than Ordinary Marc, and I'm keen to see the new rush of vicious, scathing blogposts full of wrath and ire and vengeance!
Neat little poem, and I hope the internet connection is easy to restore. And I'm glad it's only that that was delaying your post, and not anything Max-related, as I worried for a little while.

Elysium's Beauties
There, on an exedra, surrounded by lilies,
Elysium's beauties are brushing their hair.
Long tresses of gold and auburn and black
Lie upon shoulders impeccably fair.

Many have yearned to come to this place,
Each wishing to gaze upon perfection's face.

Lonely they leave, as the beauties don't care,
Icy and distant, just brushing their hair.
Everyone claims that they came alone,
So that Elysium's beauties need not leave their home.

Anonymous said...

Damnit! That second to last line should read
Everyone claims that they came back alone

Can I hire Angry Marc as a proof-reader? Please?

Marc said...

Greg - hah, I bet you would :P

But yes, I am also glad the delay had nothing to do with Max. Unless he ate the internet connection, in which case...

That's a lovely poem and I quite enjoyed the tale it told.

And you could do that... but I'm not sure you'd appreciate the invoices you'd receive afterward :P