Tuesday September 3rd, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the field.

Managed to get through today's box harvest and pickup on our own, though it certainly was a longer day than usual. Next week I'm hoping to get a few things picked the day before, and Kat should be able to help out a bit as well if her mom is able to watch Max for a little while.

But for the moment I am drained and ready for sleep.


Workers bent over,
hauling weeds out of the earth...
and sometimes plants too.

*     *     *

Rusting, abandoned
cars, broken glass, used needles;
play somewhere else, child.


Anonymous said...

Well, I hope that it's your first haiku that has the ring of truth to it today, and not the second! I definitely prefer your first haiku.

The field
They stand there forlorn,
glory's measured against them;
For they also ran.

Two cows graze in peace,
a falcon circles above.
They build here next week.

morganna said...

Tall grass over my
Head. I wonder what might be
Hiding in this field.

The horse is gone. Now
Orchids, tiny trees return.
Field becomes forest.

Marc said...

Greg - I think your second haiku takes it for me this week, for that totally unexpected last line.

Morganna - after reading your first haiku I can easily picture someone standing at the edge of an overgrown field, contemplating its contents. I like that image a lot.