Monday September 9th, 2013

The exercise:

Write about something or someone that is: ferocious.

Spent a good chunk of the morning taking down and putting away yesterday's BBQ setup. This afternoon I had planned on getting started on harvesting for tomorrow's boxes... but then I ended up napping instead.

Max has been working on getting his top middle two teeth for the last week or so, which means night time has not been fun time lately.

Well, it hasn't been for the last ten months or so, but you get the idea.


He's always on the attack,
Allowing no time for thought;
He'd attempt another way,
But this is all he's been taught.

There's no space for discussion,
No pauses to take a breath;
All of life is a battle,
Each one a brawl to the death.

He walks alone in shadows,
Like he's allergic to light;
When he faces a problem
All he can say is: Let's fight.


Greg Bennett said...

I believe rubbing whiskey on the gums helps with teething. It probably helps more if its rubbed on both yours and Max's though (and I think I've offered this advice before, but sadly I can't find a 'bad parenting' tag to locate the post by...). Well, at least you're getting some of the sleep back in the daytime!
The staccato rhythm of your poem works really well; it captures the kind of caged-tiger pacing-back-and-forth movement that fits very nicely with the words. Excellent construction!

Ferocious adj. Rusty. Ferocious derives from the Latin ferrous, meaning made of Iron. Common uses are to describe things that are rust-coloured (the tiger is ferocious), or, more metaphorically, things have changed colour as a result of over-use (the spoonbill's beak was ferocious).
Please stop submitting examples of the mis-use of ferocious (we are particularly fed-up with "His temper was ferocious" which mis-uses both temper and ferocious). I am the dictionary, and what I say stands. If you disagree you can go and live somewhere with some liberal, descriptivist linguist government and see how much you enjoy that! Long live Strunk and White!

morganna said...

Inspired by a National Geographic article
Four big cats on the prowl,
Looking for trouble -- if they can't
Find it, they make their own
Beware, gentler lions!

Marc said...

Greg - yes, I believe you did offer that advice before. I think I'm about ready to take you up on it now.

Haha, good to see another definition from you. I'm quite certain I would buy a dictionary full of these, by the way.

Morganna - I like how I can easily imagine the content of that article just from your four line poem. Nicely done!