Sunday September 22nd, 2013

The exercise:

Write about something that is: out of reach.

Kat, Max, and myself are away today on a mini-vacation at a bed and breakfast not too far away. I shall tell you all about it when we return on Monday.

But for now, this scheduled post will have to do.


Fingers stretching, tendons straining, to a goal so close yet still so definitively, desperately out of reach. A grunt, a lunge, but he comes up short once more. Deep breath, deep breath, try again.

Empty air. That is all he touches. That is, it surely must seem, all he ever touches.

But here he comes again, reaching one more time. Ignoring the punishment he inflicts on his body, not noticing the suffering his mind and spirit endure. Eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize...

That remains stubbornly beyond his grasp.


Greg said...

But what is the prize and who is he? So many dangling ends! And it's so clearly something that the protagonist dearly wants as well, so we're as tantalised (literally!) as he is.
Have fun with the mini-vacation and I hope it's blissfully relaxing and fun for you all :)

Out of reach
Ivy overgrew these walls,
plants reclaimed the floor.
Branches shattered old stained-glass,
rain destroyed the door.

Virgil, standing in the hallway,
hears the sound of pounding feet.
The guards are coming to arrest him,
escape seems out of reach.

Yet roots that tangle twist and trip,
poisons drip from every leaf.
Virgil hides in Nature's bosom
– why does she help this thief?

Immortal thinking eludes mere men.
Now Nature turns to teach
poor Virgil that he may not leave,
For reasons out of reach.

morganna said...

Cereal: sixty inches high
Bread: seventy-four inches high
Cookies: seventy-six inches high
Guess which one my kids can reach?

Abhi M said...

We used to be verry close. I understand that she is different and doesn't talk much to anyone ( except me that is). But she is amazing. One day I was so in a bad mood that I shouted on anyone that tried to talk to me. But she... she bore with me. She was the reason I walked home smiling that day. Then I decided I wouldn't lose her. No matter what.
But then something happened. She stopped talking to me. She did but definitely not like before. I asked her what's wrong but she wouldn't talk. I was mad but I kept apologizing. She wouldn't change even then. So I blocked her out completely. Then she came back and said she was sorry. But I was out of reach by then. She wouldn't understand. I was hurt. Nothing could change and tie us back together like before.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I have no idea, to be honest. Probably why I left it so open ended :P

Ah, poor Virgil. Love the imagery you littered this one with, and it manages to tell quite the tale in such a short space.

Morganna - well, if Max is any indication, it's whichever one you least want them to reach :P

Abhi - powerful piece here, full of emotion. So angry and sad at the same time... nicely done.