Tuesday September 10th, 2013

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: grasshoppers.

Another box day down, with only five remaining this season. We're getting into that time of year where that's definitely a good thing. Feeling very ready for the calm and quiet of winter.


You'd think from my name
that hopping is all I do
with these blades of grass.

*     *     *

Heard them in the field,
now they are in the garden -
eating everything.


Anonymous said...

I'm still enjoying autumn at the moment. The weather's cooled down now so that the temperatures are pretty much settled between 10C and 20C now, so the days are just warm enough and the nights are cool enough. I will enjoy winter when it arrives though!
I think I like your second haiku better today, if only because I'm sure it's true!

Grandfather calls me
Grasshopper. I sold all his
Viagra at school.


Glad they're not locusts,
but the grasshoppers swarm now.
They've covered the house!

morganna said...

Catch one quick -- swoop and
Pinch -- Faster than thought -- Now you
Hold a grasshopper.

Marc said...

Greg - I'll admit that autumn is one of my favorite seasons... it's just that I'm ready to be done with the garden right about yesterday.

Your first made me laugh, so that wins the day this week :)

Morganna - I can just imagine this being spoken aloud by an eager little boy as he hunts grasshoppers in the yard :D