Monday September 23rd, 2013

The exercise:

Write about: new territory.

We're back. It was lovely.

Want more details? Then you're in luck...


It took me a little over three years since moving here but I finally managed to drive east for long enough to go past the turnoff for Mount Baldy. Not that we went a whole lot further before reaching our destination... whatever, though. I'm still claiming it as an accomplishment.

We spent the night at Mountain Valley Ranch, which is just this side of Rock Creek. The guesthouse had no other patrons so we had the place to ourselves - that was especially appreciated when Max had his usual pre-nap fussy moments.

Here's a shot of the front of our accommodation (we had the room on the far left):

It's a huge property that we didn't have nearly enough time to explore, but when the sun came out this morning we went for a little walk to enjoy the fresh air and views. Views like this:

On Sunday afternoon we went in to Rock Creek for lunch in a neat little coffee shop. We'd also planned on doing a short hike in one of the provincial parks in the area. The rain, unfortunately, had other ideas.

The peace and quiet was great, the break from the garden was badly needed. Max seemed to enjoy himself as well, as he just loves checking out new locations. Oh and breakfast this morning, though served a little later than promised, was absolutely incredible.

We're back to doing our boxes tomorrow and even though it was only one night away I'm having trouble getting back into the swing of things. I'm sure that will pass soon enough though.


Greg said...

That looks like a pretty beautiful spot for a rest and a chance to appreciate the world around you! You make me wonder now what I might find, say half-an-hour by train, outside of London that I'm not suspecting might be there. It's a shame about the rain, but I think I could enjoy just watching it rain over landscapes that lovely.
I'm sure you'll be back into the swing of things in no time too :)

New territory
Virgil stands astride a threshold
gazing on new lands.
Nature is experimenting,
trying out new plans.
The sky is purple, clouds are icy,
he shivers in the chill.
Monsters roam the plains beyond,
anxious for a kill.
This is just the first of many
worlds that Nature's built.
She will prove humanity
Or replace it without guilt.

morganna said...

A tantalizing preview from Emily's story (sorry there isn't more but I've been working hard on a poem this morning & I'm just about all written out -- esp. my hand :) )
Chris woke with the sun and hurried out to the barn for the milking. Even a city boy like him learns not to delay the milking when it means dealing with angry cows later.

Abhi M said...

The austerity of it was so grandeur that she instantly fell in love with it. The front gate barely reached her hip that she immediately fell into a reverie of having children and they would unlatch it on their own with their cute little hands and run out into the park and play... and her heart was filled with warmth by just imagining that happy smile on his face and the children.....she broke out of that beautiful and invigorating dream when she felt a warm hand on her back nudging her to go forward. This new dream house would be theirs forever.

Marc said...

Greg - sounds to me like you need to hop on a train then :)

I'm quite enjoying all the Virgil poems of late. Seems like a really fun and interesting theme to play with.

Love the descriptions in this one. Feels like a lot of stories could be told in that land.

Morganna - ah, I am indeed tantalized. But no worries, I can completely understand running out of writing :)

Abhi - that's a very powerful reaction to a new home! I suspect they have purchased wisely :)