Sunday September 15th, 2013

The exercise:

Today we write about: the shaman.

Sounds like we've got another major overnight storm going on out there. Hopefully it's not as bad as the last one.

We had a relaxing day off, I'm happy to report. Highlight was a family walk by the lake this morning, followed by a family nap at home.


If you wish to find her,
Follow the drum beat;
She'll be in the forest,
Standing on bare feet.

It will be quiet there,
For she is speaking;
No birds will be singing,
Trees still their creaking.

Between shafts of sunlight,
Spirits gather round;
They listen, they might speak,
If voices are found.

She thanks them for coming,
For their sage advice;
And as they all depart,
She must pay their price.


Greg Bennett said...

Fingers crossed that the storm doesn't do any damage then! And the image of the family nap is rather sweet somehow....
That's a very nice poem about a very friendly shaman; I'm afraid mine's a tad less sunlit though. i rather like your second and third stanzas in particular which carry the body of the story you're telling.

The shaman
Cold candles burn with constant light,
inscribed with runes of demon-sight.
Frost gathers on the walls and floor
and spiders freeze, now grey with hoar.

A distant clock strikes far too fast
and thirteen times – the hour has passed –
the shaman stands and bows his head,
the trees he loves are surely dead.

The demons bounds now break their chains
they chitter, skitter, flee this plane.
Their leader shakes a weary fist
and disappears in demon-mist.

The shaman's failed one hundred times
yet every month, when full moon shines,
he binds the demons, calls his muse,
and tries to save the sacred Yews.

morganna said...

Serious and wise,
He knows everything there is to know:
Animals, plants,
Minerals and weather.
Approach him for advice and when help is
Needed -- but be ready to pay the price.

MosesMalone said...

Come one, come all, and ask your peace. I’ll heal your young, and cure your old. I’ll tell you tales, and take your gold.

Marc said...

Greg - that's a seriously fantastic poem you've got there. Consider me very impressed.

Morganna - I like how yours ties in with mine. And the way you've almost managed to sneak another acrostic past me :)

Mo - love the rhythm of yours. Quite fun to read aloud!