Saturday September 14th, 2013

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about something or someone who is: undefeated.

Pretty good market this morning, as we sold out of heirloom and cherry tomatoes, carrots, and onions. There was only one bag of green beans left, along with a couple bags of potatoes - we'll happily take the beans for ourselves and use the taters for the boxes this Tuesday.

Apples moved fairly well, the plums less so. But that's pretty typical for us, as plums seem to be the only fruit that we have any difficulty in selling. Probably because so many other vendors have them, but I still don't fully get it.

Likely because plums were my favorite fruit growing up, so my viewpoint on the whole thing is rather skewed.


As his streak continues
His ego grows and grows.
Is there an end in sight?
The devil knows, he knows.


Greg said...

That does sound like a good market! I think my favourite fruit growing up was probably apples, though grapes are a close contender. I do like plums, but they don't last for as long as the apples do, and a nice, tart green apple hits the spot every time!
Great little poem, and I like the repetition involved in the second and last lines too.

He always states he's undefeated,
His opponents always claim he cheated.
But it's true he's bravely fought,
And also true that chess-boxing's a sport!

[I know, the last line's got a dodgy metre, but I guess I don't always get it right!]

Tripp said...

College Football!

So far, so good
Their hopes' are writing
Eyes on the prize....
But its only week 3

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, they definitely aren't long keepers. So people should enjoy them while they're here, dang it!

Ooh, cheating at chess boxing would be dirty business! And no worries, nobody ever gets it right every time :)

Tripp - hah, yes. Early season optimism knows very, very few bounds :D