Friday October 10th, 2014

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the pilgrim.

It's Thanksgiving long weekend here, which means a visit from Kat's aunt and uncle from Calgary. They arrived around dinner time this evening so we went up to have a visit after we finished eating. It took Max a little while to get used to them, as he hadn't seen them since Christmas, but eventually the Charm Show began.

Oh, and his Uncle Adam was there as well. But he's been here since last Sunday.

Because he lives here now.

I forgot to mention that, didn't I? Well, Kat's brother has a job in OK Falls that began on Monday. This is all very exciting, but will become even more exciting when his house in Dawson Creek sells and his wife and daughter are able to join him here. They'll all be living with Kat's parents until they're able to find a place of their own around here, likely in either Oliver or OK Falls.

We are so looking forward to having Max's only cousin living so much closer. They'll actually be able to grow up together, instead of seeing each other once or twice a year.

So, you know, somebody hurry up and buy their house please.

Oh yeah, heading to the market tomorrow morning for our final outdoor market of the year. They'll be doing two more markets but they're usually so poorly attended, not to mention poorly weathered (... you get what I'm going for there, right?), that they're generally not worth attending.

Thankfully, with Kat's new job providing some much needed steady income over this upcoming winter, we won't have to.


The ship has reached shore at long last! We shall live and grow in this new world, with the memories of our fallen comrades forever near at hand. Far from the tyrants who wished to tell us how to worship and what to believe, we can practice our ways in peace.

And, soon enough, we shall have these savage natives doing the same...


Greg said...

Oh wow, you're starting to build a dynasty out there in Osoyoos! I hope it all goes well and you've conquered the land inside ten years :)
I'd forgotten that we were coming up to the Thanksgiving time of year, but I'm putting that down to there being so much work to do that I'm essentially measuring things in months now rather than weeks or days. I'm expecting someone to ask me about Christmas in March and me, looking puzzled, to ask them how close it is now :)
Are you going to be picking up some occasional work at the gym and bowling alley again this winter? Or will you be looking after Max at home?
And yes, I appreciate the lovely irony in your four lines there at the end!

The pilgrim
The good folk of Sixticton were all sat in the small Chapel on Sunday morning. A man calling himself the Pilgrim, apparently a mendicant preacher of some kind, had turned up in the saloon bar attached to the Winery two days ago and announced his intention to deliver a sermon. None of them were there for that though; having all watched all the Westerns in the small DVD rental shop they were there to see if there was going to be a gunfight between the forces of dark and evil. At 11am on the dot the doors of the Chapel blew open, a tumbleweed rolled in, and the Preacher was thrown inside, skidding across the floor and ending up upside down by the piano.

Marc said...

Greg - a dynasty? Hmm, I quite like the sound of that!

Still figuring out the winter plan. Probably will aim to get a shift per week at the gym/alley, and then on top of that I want to make more of an effort to sell my greeting cards and photography prints this winter.

Heh, that is quite the opening to a scene you have there. I'd be thrilled to hear what comes next :D