Tuesday October 21st, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: armageddon.

You can thank Seeking a Friend for the End of the World for that one. Not a bad movie overall, had some nice moments. Made me think, so there's that as well.

Today was probably my last chance to get a second coat of paint on our side door, what with rainy weather and colder nights on the horizon, so I took care of that this morning. Kat was at work and Max was off picking apples, kicking balls, and picking up fallen acorns off the front yard at grandma's place, so it was a good time to bust out the stinky paint at home.

Still chipping away on the comment backlog. I will continue to remind myself of that fact every day until I'm caught up.

Fair warning.


The countdown is on;
What will you do with the time
That is left to you?

*     *     *

So this is farewell.
It's okay, this planet was
never meant to last


Greg said...

I've think I've lost track of how many doors to the outside your house has. Is it twelve or thirteen now? ;-) (Actually, if it's twelve, read Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey and then build a thirteenth door!). Still, I hope door number eight looks better for its new coat of paint :)
Well done on the comment work by the way; I'm enjoying the updates :)
I think I like your second haiku better this week as it has a beautiful streak of fatalism to it.

The four horsemen ride
and iron-clad angels pronounce:
everyone shall die

A madman runs loose,
Cutting all limbs from torsos...
It's arm-ageddon!

Anonymous said...

Dark is the future
To which we all shall soon see
In this: the Earth’s end.

Where ev’ry soul fights
For the dark or for the light.
And day becomes night.

morganna said...

The end of the world
Is upon us -- yet one more
To-Do -- no time, no time!

Shall we melt in the
Heat or watch robots kill us
All as the snake eats?

Marc said...

Greg - two, thanks very much :P

Ah, lord, your second one. That's terrible. I'm still laughing, but that's terrible.

Ivybennet - love your paired haiku. Especially like your second one this week.

Morganna - hmm, I think I'd have to vote for robots. Seems quicker and more interesting than the heat option...