Saturday October 18th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the escape.

I quite enjoyed our first post-market Saturday of the year. This morning I went with Kat, Max, and Kat's brother up to Oliver to check out a salmon spawning area that Kat had visited with her students last week. It was a nice walk along the river, despite the grey clouds and chilling wind.

This evening Max went up to have dinner with Kat's parents and brother while we had a date night featuring rib eye steak and actual, proper, adult conversation. Uninterrupted, even.

We have plans to hang out with our bakery friends tomorrow morning so hopefully the weather is a little nicer for that. Warmer, at least.


He's left his desk,
With only a note in his place:
See ya suckers!
I can see the smile on his face...


Greg said...

It sounds like you had a great time! And I bet you didn't have to get up early or lug large amounts of produce around in the dark either (unless you do that just for fun as well, of course). Date night sounds like a very good idea too; just wait until Max is old enough to join in with a date of his own ;-)

Heh, I like your poem. Is that you left your job in Vancouver by any chance? :D

The escape
They found him standing on the stairway,
An ancient iron fire escape,
Gripping rusted railings firmly,
Staring out at empty space.

Marc said...

Greg - oh yeah man, that's just how I work out in the morning...

No, no. That's how I *wanted* to leave my job in Vancouver :P

Love the image your poem has painted in my mind. Could see it as a rather intriguing painting.