Thursday October 16th, 2014

The exercise:

Write about: the takeover.

Watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with Kat this evening. Really enjoyed it. Some genuinely funny moments, excellent scenery, several wonderful acting performances. Consider it highly recommended.

Also? I'm really digging the soundtrack.

This morning I got the majority of our squash out of the garden. Just need to go back for the remainder of the spaghetti squash tomorrow. After that I should probably get myself organized for this year's garlic planting.

But first things first: I'm taking Max in for a haircut after breakfast. That boy needs to get that mullet situation under control, stat.


He strolls these halls,
Touches our walls,
As though he belongs,
He's been here all along...
But he does not,

He has not.

We flee his approach,
He has encroached.
Who invited him,
This reaper so grim?
T'was not I,
T'is no lie.

Make no mistake,
Jobs are at stake.
We can only cower,
For he holds the power -
This by the book,
New age crook.

We should fight back,
Get on the attack!
But we choose instead
To sit and break bread;
We're so scared,
Desperate to be spared.


Greg said...

Good luck with Max and his haircut! Have you thought about giving him scissors and mirror and letting him cut his own hair? :-D
That's a great poem on tough subject matter! A lot of the first two verses really appeal, with their tactile and visual cues. That's not to say that the last two don't appeal as well, but the first two stand out a little more for me :)

The takeover
"Ah, hello, yes. I'd like number eighteen, number forty-one and number eighty please."
"Oh really? Are you sure about that? Number eighty is... well, let's say a little hot."
"That's fine, I like it hot. There's nothing like sweating all the way through!"
"I'd say you'd be more than sweating, sir. But very well, I shall push the buttons now."
"Jolly good!... I say, what do you mean by 'push the buttons'? Is it all automated now?"
"Of course it's automated, sir. We could hardly stand their giving orders to all those people ourselves."
"You've got a lot a cooks in the kitchen then?"
"Hello? Are you still there? Hello?"
"Kitchen, sir?"
"Yes, kitchen. How else do you cook the food?"
"Cook the food? Sir, who do you think you've called?"
"The Chinese takeaway, of course! How long will it all be?"
"Aha. I see. Sir, you've actually called the Chinese takeover. Number eighty, the item I described as rather hot? That's code for the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons."
"And how will you be paying, this evening, for the invasion of Iceland that you've just ordered?"

Marc said...

Greg - I'm not that would result in anything other than a quick photo and then a shaved head :P

Ah, always a miserable experience, dialing the wrong number. Though this one, I must admit, is an especially terrible one to have connected with.