Tuesday October 14th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: Goofy.

Started cleaning up the garden this morning, hauling a wheelbarrow filled with butternut squash back to the house for curing. Max was out there as well, helping his grandma harvest pumpkins. I also finally got around to collecting all the bamboo stakes we used in the peas this spring and found them some better winter storage than simply sitting on the ground at the end of the garden.

Probably spend some more time collecting squash tomorrow morning, likely while grumbling about the rain, should the forecast prove correct.


Tall, clumsy fellow,
a relic from younger days;
my son brings me back

*     *     *

Loyal friend to mouse
and duck, lifting them up with
his optimism


Anonymous said...

Memorable laugh,
Two large buck teeth protruding.
Nostalgia for youth.

When my dad would sit,
Patiently watching with me,
Having fun himself.

Greg said...

What's the improved storage then? Are they just propped up in a corner on the deck now? :) And I'm quite intrigued by how you're going to cure the butternut squash as well!
I saw that you've started work on the comments too; well done :)
I think I like your first haiku better this week, even though you've picked one of my least favourite Disney characters. That said, the last line of the second haiku is extremely nice.

Magic Kingdom shock:
Rapunzel marries Goofy!
Everyone asks: why?

Tripping over feet,
he's gangly, awkward, goofy;
and a brain surgeon!

Marc said...

Ivybennet - aw, these two come together to paint a heartwarming scene. Thank you for the smile this brought me :)

Greg - they're sitting on a table by Kat's parents garage; they really just needed to get off the ground so they won't rot there.

And the squash, as in previous years, will sit around Kat's parents deck, protected from any rain, until frost comes. At that point I get to collect them again and bring them inside for winter.

Heh, tough to pick a favorite this week. I think maybe the second, for that especially unexpected final line :)