Saturday October 4th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about someone who is: headstrong.

Had a pretty decent market, selling a good chunk of the apples I brought. Also had one of my better days this season with my cards. I think the wine tourists who are around this time of year are more into them than the visitors who pass through during the summer. Maybe.

Who knows, really.

Anyway. We're officially all sick now, as the cold hit Kat today. Tomorrow has been dubbed a family sick day, with a focus on watching movies, reading books, snuggling, and generally doing as little as possible.


He knows the way,
He knows what's what;
He makes his point
With vicious headbutts


Greg said...

A family sickday sounds interesting... if unusual! I hope you're feeling better and that you manage to get some fun out of it, even with the cold :)
And I like how your poem references those goats from a couple of weekend's ago. I am starting to wonder what it is you see at the market that sets you in mind of them :)

He's got muscles like wet string,
And brains like day-old noodles,
He's a headstrong little thing,
But dumb as two young poodles.

Anonymous said...

The man that believes the sun
Rises and sets with him, that
He can do no wrong, is not a man
But a boy in britches too big.

Marc said...

Greg - heh, thankfully no actual goats wandering the market quite yet!

Hah, that's a fun poem. Going to go read it again.

Ivybennet - a perfect summation of an all too common problem. Nicely done.